SketchUp 24 desktop and SketchUp for iPad

Apparently cannot work back and forth on a SketchUp 24 created file between desktop and iPad!

what direction is causing problem ? opening desktop stuff on your ipad ? or ipad stuff on your desktop ?

in theory, if you use trimble connect, you’re fine. from the desktop you can publish your model there and access it on ipad, and vice versa.
(in theory because I don’t have an iPad to try this)

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Can confirm that using TC allows you to save from SU Pro 2024 and open on current iPad app.
iPad Pro 11" 3rd gen iPadOS 17.4.1

Thank you. That is helpful.

Thank you. That is helpful.

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Are you Airdropping files each way? That’s what I mostly do, but I’m not on 2024 yet. @MikeTadros ?

Was glad to check it for you.

@Huston and @SeanB Apologies for the trouble you’re encountering when trying to work between desktop and iPad. We’ve just published an update to SketchUp for iPad, v6.5 (2062), that should resolve the issue.

Please let us know if you’re still seeing the same issues in v6.5.

Full release notes for 6.5 are updated here:


Thanks for the update Mike