After using 2024 desktop version, now I can't save my models when I use my Ipad

I’ve been working on my model between desktop and ipad with no issues until i installed 2024 version. Now when i open the model in ipad i am unable to save it. I have rebooted my ipad several times, cleared caches, logged out all devices, reduced file size and saved new copies on desktop and nothing is working!
When i open the model it gives me the warning about the newer version and when i save, it just says error. This is now very frustrating and ridiculous!
Has anyone else had this problem?

@craig.hender Apologies for the trouble you’re encountering when trying to work between desktop and iPad. We’ve just published an update to SketchUp for iPad, v6.5 (2062), that should resolve the issue.

Please let us know if you’re still seeing the same in v6.5.

Full release notes for 6.5 are updated here:

Excellent, thanks for the reply and yep, works a treat now. Happy days.