Lost half my work and I may cry

Hi, my name is Andre.
I am working with an iPad with the latest ios16 version.

Quick back story on my issue.

I have been modeling a sketch for weeks (i am very new to SketchUp) and my process is basically watching endless hrs of videos in order to make a progress in my model and understanding groups and components etc. i have been very very very careful in saving my work. And than catastrophe!!! About half way through sketching i wanted to open the file on my Mac book, so i clicked the Trimble connect button. In doing so, i was able to open the file both on my Mac book and also my iPhone, but it was not updating with my iPad progress. I can only see the file as it was when i pressed the Trimble connect button a week ago (so i stopped using the Mac and did 100% of my work on the iPad). After completing my sketch i clicked the “make available offline” button and my iPad file reverted to the half way file from the Mac and iPhone. Is the half of my work gone? (We’re talking hundreds of hrs of fumbling and stumbling around and leaning SketchUp to make this model. Please HELP ME

Open a browser (preferably Chrome or Edge) and sign in here:

Look for the file, select it by ticking the tickbox, and see the details with version history.

TC apps (Trimble Connect button) uses downloaded versions, no ‘live streaming’ so you would have to refresh them when edits are made in the iPad.

Edits made on the local made file on the ipad can be uploaded again to the cloud and be part of the version history again.

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