Sketchup 24 Crash when Changing monitors

Just got 24 to work. It opens and runs fine on my laptop but everytime I try to drag the window to my larger monitor( which is an LG) it crashes.

See if going back to the “classic graphic engine” makes a difference.

Also, if you have two graphic cards (Ex: A discreet Nvidia GPU and a Motherboard Integrated Intel GPU) Make sure SketchUp '24 is using the discreet card. If still crashing, experiment using the Integrated GPU.

Others have also reported that changing the “Multisample anti-aliasing” to “0x” may help.

CHris I’ve tried each of these. It last maybe 30 seconds longer before it crashes. I only have the AMD Ryzen 7 card there is no other.

How is it connected?

HDMI cable direct to HDMI port on my laptop

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Only other things that come to mind are:

  1. Make sure you have all the latest drivers and firmware updates for your system and in particular from AMD CPU/GPU.

If it still crashes after that:

  1. I think you can use Ryzen Master App to keep track of temperatures. See if the CPU/GPU temps are spiking up when you drag the window onto your secondary screen. If the temperature does spike and then the system crashes, consider:

A. Getting a laptop cooling pad and/or

B. Throttle your CPU and/or GPU performance setting back a bit to avoid overheating.

C. If it still overheats and the cooling fans are working, the CPU/GPU may need the cooling compound between it and your cooling system reapplied.

If these don’t help, not sure what else it could be.

Good Luck!

I’m having the same issue, just cropped up today after a couple of weeks of regular use, using 2024.
Also… when Sketchup is viewed on my extended monitor and I click on a pulldown, the menu appears on the laptop monitor, not the larger, primary monitor. I’ve never seen this before. Sketc
hup is fully expanded in the current window.

Drivers are up to date. No over heating issues

You may want to check your bios settings - my workstation laptop has 2 display controllers, one as part of the CPU SOC and one that is part of the discrete GPU.
By default the laptop screen is managed by the internal one and the external HDMI can be managed by either.

Windows sometimes doesn’t enjoy moving things between the GPUs

Mine does the same pulldown menu appears on the laptop

Tried that . Went online and got a monitor specific driver for the monitor then did a reinstall and it seems to be working

Can you share a DXdiag report and put it here?
Open and run DxDiag.exe - Microsoft Support


DxDiag.txt (87.2 KB)

Your video and chipset drivers are around a year old on this - try running the AMD driver updater to get the latest ones.
It might help , so worth a shot.
Drivers and Support for Processors and Graphics (

Told you im fixed
I updated the driver o. The monitor to a mfr driver then I had to reinstall sketch up and I’m good
I already ran the updater

Ah sorry I missed that part that it was working. If you run into any other issues you may want to hunt down those newer drivers too

My laptop does not crash but after trying all above my pull down menus stays on the laptop screen.

Mine started crashing again. Thought I had this fixed