Sketchup 2023 crashes all the time!

Hello! I have experienced from the very first day of my subscription to sketchup 2023 many crashes
My sketchup without any warning , closes automatically and many times when it does that, my screen also blinks for a second!
I have connected with hdmi a MSI cyborg laptop (i7 12series and 4050nvidia 16gb ram) with my monitor which is a LG ergo 32’'.
I have updated EVERYTHING but the problem still exist… (could my D5 render extension create severe problem?) it crashes BEFORE i enter to D5 render… Please some help!!!

Are you getting Bugsplats? Submitting them? Is SketchUp set to use the Nvidia graphics? This is in the Nvidia settings.

General Attempts at Solution

I realize you said that you “updated everything.”

But this response is also meant to help others who may find this topic thread and are experiencing similar issues.

A. Crashes

(1) Always reboot computer after a crash to clear memory faults

B. Reinstall SketchUp

(1) Reboot your machine if you have run SketchUp this session
(2) Redownload the SketchUp installer.
(3) Right-click it and choose “Run as administrator”, …
(4) … then choose the Repair option.
(5) Reboot computer after reinstallation.

C. Update Nvidia Graphics Driver

You have the option of using the Game Ready or Studio driver edition.
If you get crashes with one, try the other edition.

Always reboot machine after installing drivers.

D. D5 Render

(1) Make sure you have the latest version.
(2) Restart SketchUp after updating any extension.
(3) If the crashes persist, disable D5 Render.

Display Connection

(1) Check that you have a good quality cable.
(2) Check to see if you have HDR (High Dynamic Range) enabled in Settings > Display.
If it is enabled, only certain versions and quality of cable and graphics ports actually support HDR.
try disabling it, and reboot machine. *
(3) Try another cable type (such as DisplayPort) if you have another graphics output port type.

* My machine has DisplayPort v1.2 which does not support HDR, but it was enabled (on Win 10.) I had to manually disable it. I think Win 11 is better at determining whether a display can actually support HDR.