Sketchup 2024 - startup crashes every x-th time... on different pcs

hi there,

so i have seen several complaints and reports about the stability and crashes etc. in generall and related to startups…

now i have also an issue on 2 different machines… su 2024 crashes on startup after selecting the template… it crashes ahrd to desktop … but not everytime … just evey 2 out of 3 times kinda random… deleting the preferences helps for one time…

really frustrating and annoying - if i can help the dev team finding the problem i would love to do so …

best, fa

Did you install SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator?

Do you use Profile Builder 4?

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As per what Dave says…

However, I too have been experiencing constant silent crashes starting SketchUp directly and also from Layout.

I think it’s connected with the new graphics engine – the SketchUp team are aware of my issue.

Are you using the new graphics engine?

yes i do

i will guess so, but i will try reinstalling as admin and see if it helps…

OFC :slight_smile:

Don’t uninstall. Just repair the installation after right clicking and choosing Run as administrator.

Make sure you have the latest version of PB4, too.

It was updated today to solve crashing on launch issues.

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ok looks like the update of PB4.0.3 fixed the startup issues :slight_smile:

super - thx to the team of mss

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