Extension that crashes Sketchup 2024

I’m having problems with su2024, total sketchup crashes, after a good investigation, and sketchup no longer dumps memories! I found a log in my temp directory which put me on the trail.

It’s an extension that causes this crash, but I already suspected it.

It’s the ProfileBuilder 4 extension, ok I tell myself let’s activate the show.consol, no luck, the console closes without us having time to see anything.

Okay, let’s open a ticket at MindSight Studios, that’s it.

My question is there any other way to troubleshoot?

Log activation when changing log level already exists?

how can we do this without having access to source code and switching to debug mode?

Find the extensions folder for 2024 and remove Profile Builder?
Or move the entire plugins folder and then try to restart?

I have been using PB 4, with no issues. Do you have the latest version 4.0.2?
You can use the extension manager to remove it under the management tab. Restaart Sketchup and install the latest.

Of course it’s disabled at the moment, but that’s not my question

Thank you for the answer.

I have already done everything possible, updated to the latest version (4.0.2), deactivated all the other extensions, there are some that remain active (sketchup, sketchucation and V-Ray) it changes nothing.

the sketchup crash is not sitematic, but out of 5 starts, I have 2 crashes,

But sometimes it happens first.

I just want to understand what’s going on.

The problem is fixed by PB4 version 4.0.3, Fix for SketchUp crashing (shuts down) on startup when Profile Builder 4 is installed – mind.sight.studios (mindsightstudios.com)