Sketchup 2024 free trial keeps crashing

Every time I open the 2024 free trial it crashes. Yesterday it crashed everytime I tried to export a 2D graphic, but today it is just crashing as soon as I open the model. What can I do?


before opening your model, go to window > preferences and uncheck “automatically fix problems when they are found” and try to open your model again see if it still crashes.
Also it would be helpful if you attached your model here

Hi Paul, where can I find window?

Capture d'écran 2024-04-12 105052

Thank you. I understand that in order to get to the ‘Window’ button I have to create a new model, however when I do this, sketchup crashes before I can click on ‘Window’. I have attached my model if this helps?
Methodist Church.skp (4.3 MB)

You said it was crashing when loading your model. Does it crash when you just launch sketchup too ? If so, you should try reinstalling / repairing installation by right-clicking on the installer and pick run as administrator
your model opens just fine here.

I’m on Mac, not Windows, but your model opened fine for me too, and clicking “fix problems” in Model Info-> statistics found nothing to fix. I would second @paul.millet’s recommendation to try repairing the installation, especially if you didn’t originally install by right-clicking the installer exe and choosing “Run as Administrator”. Please realize that is not equivalent to being logged on as an admin when you run the installer, nor is it the same as being an administrator when you launch SketchUp.

It’s off-topic to this, but there are other modeling problems with that example that you should fix if you can ever get SketchUP 2024 to start.

Thanks for the recommendations. No it does not crash when just launching sketchup. It crashes when I am inside the sketchup model. I have gone through the steps to repair the installation as you have explained, but Sketchup is still crashing when I’m in the model. I am not sure if i should reinstall because I am on a free trial, I have tried this before and it meant after uninstalling I could not reinstall and could no longer access the free trial even though I still had 5 days left. Really stuck here.

Try updating graphics card drivers. Find the SketchUP installer in your Downloads folder. Right click on it, choose Run as administrator, then Repair. After that do a cold reboot of your computer.

Does this file behave any better for you?
Methodist Church purged.skp (1.9 MB)

Please correct your frum profile. You aren’t using the Free Plan of SketchUp. That’s a web based version for hobbyists.

Another thing to try is to open settings and in the graphics panel, switch to the old graphics engine. That would help isolate whether it is a graphics issue.

I just tried this step by step, and opened your file, and it still crashed :frowning: is there anything else I could try?

Do you have access to another computer?