SketchUp 2024 latest is crashing at startup every time

I have windows 11 setup with 3 monitors, w/plenty of memory & cores. SketchUp 2023 works flawlessly, 2024 pro in mu humble opinion is not ready for prime time, the trays are stuck on one monitor & couldn’t be moved, that’s nothing to the constant crashing every time you start it.
when you have all the germs fixed then issue a respectable update after enough testing, Please we can’t afford to have an unstable important product a lot of people depend on, thanks


Agree, 2024 needs a lot of work! Sketchup team need to know people use it professionally


I also have…

But I am not experiencing stuck trays and constant crashing.

I did experience frequent silent crashing of SketchUp in the weeks following the release of 2024 but recently not so much – actually currently no more than I used to get with 2023 which wasn’t much.

Have you installed the latest recent patch release?

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2023 is a very stable product, I never crash, I installed 2024 it when they 1st issued it & I saw the problems with space mouse, Enscape crashing & a lot more, I decided to wait, then just got the notification with the new update, I thought I give it a try, not yet they need experienced users not just coders thinking they can just program anything, this is really embarrassing for a product heavily used, Google do better,

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Google sold sketchup 12 years ago.

Hbehiri do better. :sweat_smile:

Edit : also it feels super odd to see someone say 2023 was super stable, when it came with its lot of bugs and crashes due to the QT change.
2022, now that was a stable one.

Those are third party, the SketchUp developers have nothing to do with them. You should be complaining to 3DConnexion and the Enscape developers.

I haven’t had any stability issues with SketchUp 2024. It’s been very stable for me. I usually have two or three sessions open all day every day. The first time it’s quit on me in more than two months was last night and that’s only because the power went out due to storms.

2023 works great for me, it’s not odd

good for you

I just noticed your other post where you posted a video showing your problems with the toolbars.

In this post that I am replying, you mention trays – I’m assuming you mean toolbars – or are you now having issues with the trays?

Are you actually right now experiencing what you video in the other post shows – specifically when you tried to move the toolbar over to the right hand monitor it didn’t stay there and jumped back to the left hand monitor?

Are you saying that you have actually installed the recent patch update?

And if so, are you still experiencing problems with the toolbars?

I have similar hardware to you with three monitors and I am not experiencing your problem with the toolbars.

So the question is – what’s different between your system and mine?

If your Sketchup is crashing upon startup try to debug why it’s happening by finding Sketchup log file. Sketchup creates log file inside your windows temp folder (%temp%). Open the log file in text editor and scroll to the botttom to see what was the last thing before crash.

Usually this crashes occur when loading extensions. I have had that happening quite a bit in 2024. There were changes made in 2024 that affect 3rd party extensions so this could sometimes cause crashes.


Agree with @jure, try running JUST SketchUp 2024 with no additional software/plugins. Just SketchUp. See if it is stable for a day just on it’s own. Then begin to add some of your plugins/renderers slowly. You may discover that a particular plugin (perhaps not fully updated) is causing your issue.

When I installed 2024 it’s crashing at 1st attempt, I run the installation as admin & I get the open window but when I even click on of the standard skp template it crashes, several attempts,
does running skp on 3 monitors destabilize the graphic engine, that would be lame, this is sad, I didn’t even get to install anything else, just SketchUp-2024-0-553-221,
would any of the sketchup team provide a solution? or a suggestion?