Sketchup 2024 - Is it Slower for BIM (Complex Component Heavy Models)

Im a Kit Home Supplier.

I Design, Engineer then create a accurate take off using to scale components and Custom Attributes of all the components.

I want my .csv file to be accurate requiring no human modification after the fact to reduce human error, from model to purchase order.

I understand your concept of,

  1. Attach say a Bolt Total to a Bracket

I have tried it, but its not accurate from the point of view of Screws as its to complex, i would need to add extra’s to be safe and in the end up will have hundreds of spares on site.

Also not been able to visualize this doesn’t allow me to share my Trimble model with client so they can see how to assemble my Kit also it breeds mistakes as you can visualize the building and see what’s missing.


Im definitely getting to the stage where im causing sketchup to be basically a laggy mess, so im just looking for better ways to catalog all the individual components.

I feel the new Render Engine has focused more on pretty pictures rather then computing the information with in the model.

Sketchup really have the best Take of system out any software, but they dont understand thats worth more then pretty pictures…

People can actually invent a new product, cost it, create a accurate material order/ purchase order just not huge models like mine.

Producing pretty pictures is lame in my opinion, I call that art not real world changing application like inventions or say what im doing working towards solving affordable housing.

ps. love ya work.

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yeah thats why Im doing.

I must have something wrong.

if my bolt was 2kb and screw’s i would be laughing…

I have my bolt setup with,

8 - custom attributes

Maybe thats the difference?

I don’t know much about how SketchUp manages BIM information, but if it attaches those attributes to every instance of a bolt component, it is likely that those attributes take up more memory than the geometry of the bolt, and then simplifying the bolt itself will have minimal effect.

Yeah I think this is my issue,

The program has to process every component and when it does this it gets caught up,

The home im modelling at the moment is a monster.

I also just noticed taking it between 2023 and 2024 all my component instances broke, so now I have say 50 components where it should be 1 component duplicated.

Im fix that tomorrow see if that helps, should do.

Cheers mate.

Without seeing closer details -

Are the steel shapes modeled with sharp corners? Or with radius? This contributes to a lot of extra faces and lines. I only model steel shapes now with straight corners (unless I am making renderings).

Reduce your bolts and screws so they are 8 sides instead of a circle. I do this for my timber frame design packages for the pegs and hardware. Saves a lot of processing power when you have so many in the file.

Do you work in that style that you are showing?
Turn off profiles, shadows, etc, it will speed up model re-draws.

This is a recent model, 1/2 of the geometry density of yours, but 39.3 MB - but with all Simpson hangers, hold downs, shear connectors, framing lumber, doors, metal roof, timber frame, windows, etc.

I generally don’t model to this detail - but this was an owner build, so wanted to be clear in communicating. For timber frame shop drawings I do detail all pegs and hardware - but that is a separate drawing from the main architectural set.


@MBA You had mentioned that you can not share your file.

Attached is a model with similar specs. Feel free to test to see if this performs the same your model in 2024.

In the gif below, you can see the performance difference between 2023 vs 2024

The Test Model

BTW… if you want to do a frame/second test. Type “Test.time_display” into the Extensions > Developer > Ruby Consol

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I feel like somthing else must be a work here, perhaps the added BIM custom attributes but I’m suspicious of the text adding that much too. I would be interested in seeing a single bolt file as well, perhaps there is some further purging that could be done? For instance the single bolt file have scenes/styles in it? This info would survive a purge. Or somthing else perhaps.

I often work with complex mechanical designs in SketchUp, and my experience with SU24 so far has been very positive, a faster smoother experience all around. I ran the “Test.time-display” test on a larger file and got very satisfactory frame rate, even with edges and profiles on! This model feels crisp and snappy in SU24, noticeably better than SU22 which is my current version.

Test results:

72 frames displayed in 2.6601 seconds
Average frame = 0.0364 seconds

modle statistics: 120mb

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You shouldn’t need to model the bolt shank if only the head shows. Or just a simple 8 sided circle for the shank plus a simple hex head (and nut, if visible). And no model threads. Use a tiny image of threads if you need to show them in close up.

I can’t see how a single bolt can be a 150kb component unless you are modelling the thread geometry.


Thanks mate,

Yeah i have tried this,

I cant seem to get the saved file of a bolt or screw to less then 140kb,

I think the file within sketchup is around 30kb per bolt, but saved as a file say in the windows folder is 140kb

When i did my test taking my bolts and screws out of my model reduced the file by 34mb

Im going to bunch more tests today as i have 140 pre-modelled components and I need to clean them all up from the sounds of it.


2024 seems alot nicer, im just noticing that mid modelling it stops into the load screen alot more then it was in 2023

Im finding both layout and sketchup 2024 is better but i have had a few crashes that i hadn’t noticed in 2023.

Im going to bunch of tests today to see whats up.

Perhaps pulling 2023 premodelled components into 2024 could be doing it, not sure yet.

Sketchup team has reached out so super appreciative

I have had several lockups and full crashes bringing in SU22 models to SU24 via the import function. I’ve had much better luck with copy paste having 22 and 24 open simultaneously (in one case this was the only successful method of bringing in the old geometry).

It seems that bolt is only 30kb but as a saved file its 150kb,

If i didnt have to do bolts and screws i would be modelling really fast no issues.

Even if i got my file down to 1kb it would still be in this job 15k x 1kb = 15mb

I mean there are work arounds,

Calculated screws on maths × m2

Attached totals to brackets


May have to go this way, im just a purest i like modelling the entire house

Might have to open each cataloged component and then save in 24 prior to modelling.

If the item in question is a component then I don’t believe the math works quite this way.

I think my main difference is that i have 8 custom attributes for each bolt.

So maybe when the engine is running the model it has to process every attribute, so if i have 10k bolts its really 80k attributes its processing and i mean each attribute is probably a few lines of code so its compounding.

I use to have a estimating software where i would pull in the csv into it,



Then you group components in the estimating software,

But now im essentially creating a fully proceesed order from sketchup into the .csv file

But yeah im going to check this importing files

Can you post a bolt component, with attributes, or several if they differ in either geometric complexity or number of attributes?

Otherwise we’ll go round in circles not understanding why one bolt component is even as big as 30kb. Still seems huge. And many copies of one component take up far less file space than the same ‘many’ times 30kb.

Hmmmm. I would think if you have 10k bolts that are all instances of the same component with 8 attributes, then the total in the model would be 8 attributes. More investigation needed. Can you include a bolt file?

I found the issue,

Was importing pre-modelled components in from 2023 version.

I have gone into my pre-modelled components and saved them as 2024

then re-modelled from scratch.

My Model size is 1.7mb in total

So wasn’t the models it self, was the fact of importing the different version models


Got there in the end.

Thanks everyone for their help!

Overall implemented some of the suggestions too for future modelling :slight_smile:


Glad you found the solution :slight_smile: , but that is very odd if pre-modelled components form 2023 version cause grief !
BTW, I’m very impressed at how far you push SU & I’m an architect who frequently gets laughed at for trying to use SU in a BIM workflow… but if you’ve ever had kids, the notion of ridicule just flies straight over one’s head :smiley:

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What is the needed workflow here?
Yesterday, I had a similar slowdown from using a 3d wave tile for walls from the 3d warehouse and editing it to trim the extra portion was crushing SKP to the point that it was locked up for minutes multiple times before it would come back.