"make component" takes very long, does not complete - too long to be productive

Using sketchup pro 2019 on windows. File size is large 125gb. Don’t blame problems on hardware…
How or what do I need to do to make this function take less time?

That does seem wrong. Would you be able to post an example scene, and what we should try to make be a component?

If this is the same computer from your other thread, then I’d say it’s impossible not to mention the hardware being an issue. If the graphic card only works with fast feedback turned off then I’m surprised you can even make a component in a file that is 125gb.

Can we first clarify - this meant to be 125MB?


They edited it in the post from 125mb to 125gb, so I’m assuming it’s the big one.

To me 125 GB sounds unreasonably large for a SketchUp file, I don’t even know what file systems can handle so large files. 125 MB files are possible though.

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If the file opens… and every tool is posable of working… why can I make a simple box a component? Sure the file is large…but all the
other tools work.

Other notes:

- The components tab opens
- Able to import components from the tab

What does Model Info->Statistics say for that model?


How long is it taking SketchUp to generate the component?
If you close down the component browser and Outliner window, is it faster?

Your graphic shows that the example in 2018. Are you seeing a speed degradation in 2019 vs 2018?


haven’t been able to in this model … way to long.

file take ~7min to initially load and roughly the same time to save… so auto save is turned off.

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Wow! That is a massive model! Not only are the edge and face counts very large, so are the component and group counts. I don’t know anything about how the component management is implemented, but you may be hitting an algorithm scaling issue when the counts are that high.

I notice that the number of component instances is almost the same as the number of component definitions, suggesting that nearly every component has only one instance. Are there really that many completely unique items in your model, or could perhaps some savings be gotten by using more instances of a reduced number of definitions? The number of groups is also very large. In the same vein, are they all unique or could they be instances of a smaller number of components?

Neither of those things will necessarily reduce the edge or face count, but they might mitigate the strain from so many definitions and groups.

Because your model is probably the largest ever discussed on this forum?, you should indicate why it is so large and whether there are simple fixes to reduce it to a fraction of it’s current size - hopefully solving most other issues you have.

Your poly count does not indicate why your model should be so large - a current moodel I am working on has over 6 million edges, takes less than 30 s to load on my old laptop and is only 20 MB.

Have you done a purge unused?
Do you have textures in use that are ridiculously large?
Any other reasons the model is so huge?

How long is “way too long” - a minute? An hour?

15 million edges and 8 million faces is a large-ish number but not “crazy large.” Note that the size displayed in the Windows dialog box shows about 1.5GB, not the 125GB stated in the original post (as of this writing). 13 thousand component definitions is a pretty large number. Have you been able to try @ChrisDizon’s suggestion of closing the component browser and outliner windows (if they are open to begin with)?

For reference, the largest model file that I occasionally work with (using SketchUp Pro 2016) has about 3 million edges and one million faces (in about 1000 component definitions), and consumes about 280MB on disk. Loading it takes perhaps a minute. Saving takes perhaps also a minute or so, but I haven’t tried in a while; I generally work on sub-sets of the overall model saved in separate files.

Purge function does not work… or I haven’t let the computer try to process for that amount of time.

texture-- unsure

just got the model… trying to get the model into manageable sections.

the purge function can be very long if you have many elements to purge… I’m pretty sure it’ll fix your problem.

If it takes too long indeed, you can always copy all visible objects and paste it in a new model, having both windows opened

how long would you give it?

I believe I once had half an hour to wait (or so). Try the copying / pasting into new model method first, if you’re afraid it’ll take too long !