"make component" takes very long, does not complete - too long to be productive



Mike, were the majority of the component definitions created via import from a CAD file?

As @slbaumgartner observed, there are a lot of definitions. Are any of these comp. definitions exact duplicates of other comp. definitions? If so, there is an old extension that may de-dupe many of these.



yes this file was originally a JT file that was imported.

some clarifications

jt file size was originally 125mb. After SU model was created it grew a bit… then i started putting on many layers to work in the model. I am now at the point where all tools work but i can’t create components.

file actually take 5min 26 sec to load .


I think they may be. Please continue. Please explain further.


i am going to purge now… i will give it an hour.


I have used thomthom’s old experimental Compare Components plugin from thomthom in the past to de-dupe identical components. It will probably fail on the entire model but if you do smaller selection sets of components in the model, it may help reduce the number of Component Definitions.



purge was initiated and took ~5 min to complete its think. Went to save model and took ~27min

here are new Stats

Capture%203 Capture%204


Looks like very little was purged. But that’s what I’d expect if there are tons of geometrically identical but distinct components or groups. Purge doesn’t analyze for redundancy.


Agreed. That file size would take up 1/4 of my entire SSD. There is absolutely no reason imaginable that a file would have to be that large. Not even for the largest construction project.


ok so … component says 13507. shouldn’t i see 13507 components in the components in model window? i don’t see a single component from my model… only the default components


That’s the default - click on the house (if you haven’t already) to see model components.

Also, check a few textures to rule that issue in or out. Save one elsewhere and check size.


Did you click the little house icon to see “in model” components?

Edit: by the way, better set the components browser to list form or it is certainly going to choke on 13000 thumbnails!


i have clicked on the house… the program goes into think mode… i assumed it was a glitch… how long should i need to wait for the house to open… LOL.


With more than 15 million edges and 8 million faces, the model is certainly enormous. Have you imported a lot of 3D trees, cars and people from the Component Warehouse?


I think he said it was imported from a JT model. I don’t know whether JT has structures equivalent to groups and components or, more importantly, whether the source model made good use of them.


nothing imported from warehouse…


How does the model operate in monochrome view?


This is very common when importing ifc files.
Because every part (to the level of mullion) has to be a unique component, so not making use of the fact that they are the same geometry.

If (named) instances were created in the ifc-importer, you would take advantage of the component-handling in SketchUp

7 min to open such a file is relatively quick, since every component is a ‘mini SketchUp File’, thus opening about 30 files per second🤔 in the component browser


Just moving around it works fine. Creating new geometry is similar to empty model (fine). Exploding original model took 15min. After model is on many different layers (the work of almost a week) the model works fine. Mostly moving around in wire frame. But model works great! Very useful.

. I just cant get my work out of the model and the only way I see to do that is to create a Component and save the component to drive.


ya… were at 3 hours just waiting for the house tab to open and the model and not responded yet. Don’t think this is working.


This sort of model size and complexity - especially the number of unique groups - is not uncommon when an architectural or detailed engineering plan is imported as an IFC . BIM files create lots of “unique” components - while the geometry is the same between each, they are tagged with info like “Chair F1-09”.

Youll probably also see that the components/groups are not ordered in a tidy family tree heirarchy very efficiently - i thing this may also affect things. Eg all furniture will be grouped/layered togther rathe than placing furniture within a “room” component.
And theres possibly a lot of hidden ■■■■ that doenst get purged either on import or on Sketchup’s purge .
Closing the component browser, entity info, outliner and model info windows while doing this may speed things up a bit.