SketchUp 2024 crash in C API Overlay in New Engine

I received a report of a crash happening on Windows only in the new DX engine when C API Overlay is in use. User has Quadro K5200 card. I asked him to submit the Bug-Splat and also update Nvidia drivers.

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Classic engine allows Thea Render V3.5 and the new V4 to work on Win10 SU2024

However, in New engine, both Thea V3.5 and V4, when using interactive render in SU window, crashes, not only SU, but the Computer… without exception.

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This needs some serious attention.
Please… soon.

The user with Quadro K5200 has sent you the Bug-Splat, but you have given him the following answer:

appreciate you getting back to me with the attached BugSplat.

Since this issue is only showing up when activating render with Thea Render, you will need to contact the creator of Thea Render for further troubleshooting and support.

We are unable to support third party plugins and can’t be certain that plugins downloaded from sites other than the Extension Warehouse will load correctly in SketchUp.

I would appreciate you understand that the issue is present in your new DX12 engine only and not push the responsibility to the 3rd party.
It is completely independent from Thea’s initialization, output or interaction with C API interface.

Of course the issue may be in specific card drivers and this will be harder for you to debug, but please pay more attention to the feedback from users.

I have demonstrated that I personally suffer artifacts issue on my RTX Quadro 4000 card with your sample C API Overlay plugin only! It doesn’t lead to a crash, but artifacts in the new engine are making it impossible to work with Overlay as the flickering is very annoying. This also happens only int the new DX12 engine. Metal port and Windows classic OpenGL engine have no issues with the Overlay functionality.

Here is a link to related thread in Thea forum:

Just a feedback on new maintenance release - no improvement here in 24.0.553 with regards to the artifacts in the new engine.