SketchUp 2023

Hi there.

Just about to update to SUP2023. I’m always happy to update to the latest version as anyone would but it’s such a time consuming event to update. Why does it take so long to get the newest version ready to use? Because of all the Ruby scripts!

I use so many plugins that I then have to add them all back in and transfer licenses again which takes way too long. When its your business, time is money and to be honest, its a real pain when you’re busy.

Do other SUP users have this issue or am I missing something? Or do we all just shrug and get on with it?


Yes, there are usually about 10 topic with this question after the time when Sketchup get a new major release. :wink:

so, no easy fix then Dezmo?

For migrating, yes e.g.:
Migrating from a previous version | SketchUp Help
ExtensionStore | SketchUcation

For licencing? I have no “good” straight forward answer… it is more or less depends on the Extension developer, how easy it is. :blush:

oh, well, I’d better book it in as a weekend job then!


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Just a quickie, Dezmo.

Is it good practice to remove the previous version of SketchUp before installation of the new version?

The reason I ask is that for the last update, I had issues previewing the SketchUp files in file manager on review and import. I raised it as an issue on the forum and the advice I got was to reinstall SUP2022 which didn’t help. I still had an older version on the pc so wondering if something in that programme was causing the issue. I deleted the programme later of course, but it didn’t help. I still couldn’t see the file previews.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

I have to confess that I took the lazy, fast and risky way with extensions and SketchUp 2023. I went to my Appdata>SketchUp>SketchUp 2022>Plugins folder and copied the .rb files of the extensions I wanted plus the folders with same names and pasted the lot to the corresponding folder under SketchUp 2023. So far everything seems to work.


Personally I don’t not recommend to uninstall old version until the new one is fully working condition. E.g. in case of unforeseen bugs, or incompatible Extension you can still go back to the already working version.

Usually I do have 3 versions + 2017 Make installed.


Same with me Anssi. So far it’s worked 100% of the time I’ve done it. My 3rd party rendering plugins are the only ones I have to reinstall but those are few.

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very wise!

Thanks for the advice guys.

When I go to find the AppData files, I found the plugin folder, thanks.

I also had the previous 4 versions of SUP in there. Because I cannot preview the SUP models at all, do you think its worth me removing these other SUP folders? Are these required anyway? Just wondering if this might help with previews…

I downloaded the newest version and it still won’t preview SUP files!

Why oh why oh why??


The folders - ending with the version numbers- under AppData\Roaming\SketchUp folder, are necessary if the particular version is installed.
You can delete this folders if the specific version is not installed. However it does not matter if it is there or not, at least that will not influence if you have thumbnails preview or not.

Regarding the missing thumbnails preview at file explorer:
If you search the forum, you can see that it is a recurring problem for some users. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.
The most recommended way to try to fix:

  • Install SketchUp by right clicking on the downloaded installer file and selecting Run as administrator, then chose Repair. Then Restart your computer.

Thanks dezmo.

Yes, tried that but to no avail. I’ve tried many things now but will review the forum again.