How to properly install SketchUp 2023

so I’ve had sketchup 2023 installed on my Mac book pro for a while now. Can I remove my 2022 version from my Mac?

I get the feeling having both on my Mac is what is giving me some problems, for example every time I open a new sketchup folder from templates, a 2022 version opens.

I just want to make sure that it’s ok and I am suppose to remove the older version once the latest version is installed. Also, do I lose anything? folders, extensions etc… if I remove 2022 version, do I need to reconfigure the new 2023 version?


I’ve tried to read online about installing the new version of sketchup (2023) and instructions never mention what to do with your old version

Each version installs as a separate application so that you can continue working in the previous version until you have everything set up in the new version. Once you are switched over to the new version you can delete the previous one.

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Thank you so much!!! ive been hesitant to remove the old version, but since im well into using only the 2023 one, ill remove the old one. Thanks again

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Try this:

1 - Right click on a skp file to open a contextual menu and choose read information in this menu.

2 - In the file information you shall see Open with and under that a pull down list showing ( by default (22.ZZ) where ZZ is the detailed version number.

3 - Press the Up/Down arrows to open the list and choose SketchUp 2023 in the list.

And be sure to click to do this for all files of this type.

Edit: on an English language Mac the menu item is Get Info.