Delete 2022 but save files

So I successfully installed 2023. now there are two, 2022 and 2023. How do I delete 2022 from a Mac book pro and keep all the files.

The files and the program should be located on different folders, to uninstall any program on mac you just have to delete the folder containing the program in the applications folder, all your files you must be able to open with sketchup 2023 without any issue.

well that’s not all there is to delete :wink: That folder is about 2Gb, there is another folder out there (in my case, about 1Gb)

so forst as francis said, is to delete the “sketchup 2022” folder from your application folder. that one is simple.

then, go to the “go” menu and press the option (alt) key.
you’ll see a line appear called library.

in the library, navigate to application support, then find the Sketchup 2022 folder. you’ll have to delete that one too.

you might want to check in it first, chances are you’ll find there all the element you saved lie default model, styles you made…
To reuse them in 23, simply move them to the exact location in the Sketchup 23 folder.
for example, your default styles are in application support/sketchup22/sketchup/styles
if you copy them to application support/sketchup23/sketchup/styles then you’ll have them available in your new install.