Can't uninstall 2022


I know about the 2021 installation issue - but I’m running into the same issue for 2022 - it’s missing the SketchUPPro 2022.msi file. I have downloaded the 2022 installation file from SketchUp, right clicked and attempted to repair. The repair function requires the .msi file as well. Do I need to uninstall 2023 to uninstall 2022, and finally uninstall 2021?

No, my guess is that it’s probably been deleted from the location it is stored in within windows, via some kind of temp file cleanup or another program that frees up space.

Try the windows install/uninstall troubleshooter


In my Win10 installation, the SketchUp 2022.msi file is stored here:

C:\Users\Saul\AppData\Local\Downloaded Installations{03CB7BC4-3C9C-452B-BFD7-1C3616BE96BD}

As Elmtec-Adam said, these Win locations can get deleted by disk cleanup tools, but maybe the file is still there in your case and you just have to reassociate.

HI! The windows install/uninstall troubleshooter worked to remove 2022. Now I guess I need to remove 2023 in order to remove 2021. I will wait on that.

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There was a naming error in the msi file for one of the installer releases.
This should not be a perpetual error with every installer release.

I removed 2022 and still can’t remove 2021. The repair app won’t work too.
There is also some weird things happening with my computer, so it’s getting a partial reset. Hopefully that will resolve some issues.

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