Cannot uninstall SketchUp 2014 because cannot find (matching) .msi

SketchUp2014 PC (ProEvaluation) was installed, however, the .msi file was deleted and now we cannot uninstall. When Control Panel → Add/Remove Program → right click on SketchUp 2014 to Uninstall or Repair is selected, error message Windows Installer pop-up appears “The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable” and asks to point to SketchUp2014.msi. This file is no longer available for download from web site. What’s available from Download All | SketchUp is “SketchUpPro-2014-1-1282-61130-en.msi” which does not work. Error message is “The file XXXX\SketchUpPro-2014-1-1282-61130-en.msi is not a valid installation package for the product SketchUp 2014. Try to find the installation package ‘SketchUp2014.msi’ in a folder from which you can install SketchUp 2014.”.

It is NOT an MSI (Microsoft Installer Package.) It is a self-extracting executable installer archive. You cannot just change the file extension from EXE to MSI. (Change it back to EXE.)

The easiest thing to do is re-install SketchUp 2014, then uninstall it.

If you must do it manually …
View the EXE archive with an archive utility like WinZip or 7Zip.
Copy the “SketchUp2014.msi” to your "%LocalAppData%/Temp/sketchup_install" folder.

The MSI file’s CRC should be 7893D768.


First of all, your suggestion to re-install SketchUp2014 fails. It tries to remove the old version first, which fails since it doesn’t have the correct SketchUp2014.msi.

I do not have the matching SketchUp2014.msi for my current installed version. Where can I get it?

SketchUpPro-2014-1-1282-61130-en.msi was downloaded from (Downloading older versions | SketchUp Help):
(not Download All | SketchUp as I mentioned previously)

The SketchUp2014.msi inside SketchUpPro-2014-1-1282-61130-en.exe CRC=7893D768 is not the correct version for my install. See below:

Sorry I made an assumption that you’d changed the file extension.

What is the version number that shows in the About dialog of your SketchUp version ?

msiexec /x {Package | ProductCode}

So I’d try:
msiexec /x SketchUpPro-2014-1-1282-61130-en.msi

Shown in previously included screenshot. 14.1.1282

If I use cmd line to force install of the SketchUpPro-2014-1-1282-61130-en.msi version without removing the previous version, then Windows keeps the older 14.0.4900 version. However, when I run it, it shows 14.1.1282 for both installs. Looks like my registry got corrupted.