Sketchup 2023 tool trays not responsive

Since updating to 2023, I’ve found that the trays need 3 or 4 clicks to respond. Often I need to click away on another area of the sketchup interface to get a button on a tray to actually activate.

For example, I cannot collapse or expand a tags folder on the tags tray, unless I also click into the main modelling window. Similarly, I cannot change a subfolder within the materials tray, and select any material without clicking multiple times, or clicking elsewhere and coming back to it?

I anyone else experiencing this?

Hey, Steve please update your forum profile.

The issue you describe (difficulty clicking GUI elements) is usually caused by display scaling issues, often on extremely high res (4K or 5K) displays. SketchUp only officially supports up to 150% display scaling.

Another possibility is if the trays are on another display than the one that SketchUp was started on. Especially if the displays have differing resolution and/or display scaling settings. It’s a Qt GUI library bug that will hopefully be fixed soon.

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