SketchUp 2023 - LayOut vector graphics issue on Sonoma

I have an issue in LayOut 2023 using MacOS Sonoma.
The vector rendering of viewports is all wrong and the grid line shows very thick lines, making it unusable. What to do, apart from downgrading to Ventura? Thank you!

Can you share a sample LayOut file that shows this so we can compare the result on a different machine? Is your screen shot directly from LayOut or from an exported PDF?

Yes, it is directly from LayOut. The PDF export looks fine, as it should.
Here is an example file.

I expect this is an issue with Sonoma and graphics drivers. SketchUp/LayOut 2023 doesn’t officially support Sonoma yet. Probably the fix is to roll back to Ventura which is supported by 2023.

This is what I see on my PC.

Thanks, yes that is how it should look! OK, it is a MacOS reinstall, then… :frowning:

At this point you probably know it but it’s generally a good idea to wait to upgrade the operating system until the applications that you depend on are updated to support the operating system. This seems to be important especially with the Mac OS.

You should never install the newer MacOs before verifying that the softwares you use are supported on it, Sketchup usually supports a newer MacOS with every new version of sketchup that is released usually between the last months of the year and the first trimester of the new year. Sketchup and Layout 2023 wont be officially suported, developers just can make some fixes so it can run a bit better but not like the next version will be able to do it.

in case anyone wonders, I confirm it’s the same on a mac ventura.

2 questions for David :

  • in the document’s preferences, in render, right now you’re in low render mode for screen
    Capture d’écran 2023-10-24 à 10.01.02

It shouldn’t be related to the grid, but can you confirm that switching to high doesn’t solve it ? asking that because the “low” render mode is basically a 10 dpi preview of the images. and… well your grid would actually look thicker if LO took a low res view of it :slight_smile:

  • do you have the same issue with the dotted grid ?

The dotted grid is a bit different. the line grid retain the same thickness, say 1px on screen, weather you zoom in or out.
The dotted grid, at least in Ventura, thickens the dots when you zoom out so they remain visible.
again, might not be related, but it looks like a vaguely similar scenario.

Capture d’écran 2023-10-24 à 10.05.23

Changing the Edit resolution doesn’t affect how the vector graphics and the grid gets rendered, unfortunately. It still looks bad. I know on Ventura it was fine. The dotted grid gets thin as I zoom in, so that works the same way as before.

Ehhh well, worth a try.

Guess Sonoma could be indeed the principal suspect on this one.

if it’s the only thing wrong, honestly, it’s fine. I’d rather have thick grid than crashes :slight_smile:
And if you’re fine working with it (since it’s just a grid, not the drawing itself), you can continue with sonoma.

it’s a bit of a paradox, if nobody upgrades, then there is no feedback on things sonoma breaks. but if we all upgrade, me might be in deep doo-doo.

@adam might be interested by this sonoma bug for SU24’s development

FYI it isn’t just the grid though. The model I am displaying in Vector graphics is all bad as well - lines are thick and colours are slightly shifted outside of the component.

How far from the origin is the model placed?

pretty close :slight_smile:
(yeah, I checked, and it’s the original axis too)

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That is very interesting to see. I have been using Sonoma since it was available in beta, and have yet to see the same rendering issue as you have shown here. I’m not sure what is happening for you. What is your zoom level when you see those very thick lines?


Interesting, that is promising to hear. I have the same issue on M1 Macbook Air and M2 Pro Mac Mini. The grid on the picture is 1x1mm so quite fine, so I am quite zoomed in (500% maybe). But on Ventura it didn’t matter how much you have zoomed in, the grid lines remained the same width. Starting new files in LO from the Templates I get the same result. So you don’t get this in Sonoma? Are you on Apple chip?

Looks “normal” to me on Ventura…

I really really really wish you would warn us not to upgrade OS until SU/LO supports it. I usually wait anyway but it would be nice to know one way or the other when it is supported.

Why should that be my job? I’m just a SketchUp user like you. I just donate my time trying to help other SketchUp users.

My opinion, and it is only that, is one should not update any operating system until the software one depends on is updated to support the new version. This applies to all applications. Give the developers time to catch up.


Oh, sorry. I thought you worked there. My bad.


I mean, you’re a professional, either you manage your computer (or computers), or you delegate this to an IT company, but it’s part of the job to check.
and it takes a minute. just type “sketchup requirement” (or any other software) in google, and look at the official page.