Dimension style problem

Hi, I have just upgraded iOS last night to Sonoma 14 on my iMac. Today I am trying to work on a new file in LayOut but cannot make any adjustments to the Dimensions Style selection tray. Nothing is responding, eg. Leader Style, dimension style, etc. They are all greyed out. Shape Style and Fonts seem to be working.
Any suggestions as to how I fix this please?

There are some thread on the forum about sketch up and Sonoma.

Sketchup 2023 doesn’t has support for Sonoma, and probably it will never have, there are people having issues and crashes with sketchup and layout runing on MacOS Sonoma. The release timing of sketchup and MacOS are different, MacOS are usually released on October/November while sketchup releases are usually on the first trimester of the year, so the version that will be fully supported for Sonoma is going to be sketchup 2024, the developers can only make some fixes so the current version runs a bit better but not 100%. The best you can do right now is to go back to Ventura, probably other softwares aren’t supported for Sonoma as well.

I use to update the OS on January, when there have been some releases fixing some bugs that the OS has, and also when I know that the programs I use are fully supported for the new OS.

Thank you, I didn’t think that through before upgrading. I am new to this forum and not well experienced with SU and LO yet. I will take your advice. Cheers

I would suggest installing the app first and see if that works.
First, delete it from the application folder, get rid of icons in the dock.
Then download the image from SketchUp and install.
Be sure to give access to all folders when it will prompt to do so.

Do you have either a dimension or label entity selected or the appropriate tool selected? If not they should be grayed out.

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