Sketchup 2023 crashing when selecting an object

I have used sketchup in the past with my current laptop pc (since sketchup 21) and have had little to no problems. Not until recently that my sketchup begins to crash when I select any surface or object. I have checked everything such as my driver updates, sketchup updates and using sketchup checkup.

I can move around in my models no problem and select with the right click however not with the left. when I click anywhere in the model with my left click, it instantly freezes and crashes.


Samsung Galaxy Book 750TDA

12gb ram

intel iris xe max graphics card

Have you installed a plugin recently?

No new plugins or extensions installed

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

Are you getting Bug Splats when SketchUp crashes?

Check with Intel to see if they have updated graphics drivers for that. Install them if they do and do a cold reboot of the computer.

I don’t have a specific file but it happens to any file with the select tool. No bug splats just a not responding window.

My graphics card is up to date and I have already cold rebooted as well.

The “Not Responding” message does not equate to the program crashing.

How did you check that?

Keep in mind the Intel Iris XE Max GPU is a very low performer according to the various benchmark sites out there. I would expect it’s the cause of your issues.

I checked through my windows setting, should I purchase an external driver and/or buy a different pc?

If you’re asking, I would suggest a new one with a reasonably current Nvidia RTX graphics card.

Don’t trust Windows to tell you if graphics drivers are up to date. Check with Intel directly.

Drivers usually are free, I don’t trust on windows drivers info, you should check on intel’s website if there are new drivers download them and install them, I don’t know if there’s a software that can do that automatically like GeForce experience with Nvidia drivers but there are softwares that check all the new drivers available for your pc, downloads them and install them automatically, I use avast driver update.

If you don’t like installing drivers or checking every now and then if you’re up to date with them you could check a MacBook or a Mac mini, the M2 and M1 chips have great single core performance which is needed to use sketchup and the gpu is equivalent to a low end discrete gpu on windows machines, the m2 pro and m2 max copa have the same single core performance, and more multi core performance but the gpu specially on the Max series is a lot more powerful.

For windows get a machine with at least an i5 11th gen intel processor or Ryzen 5 5600x, for a desktop the best one cost/performance for me right now is the 13600K/KF it has great single and multi core performance, if you like AMD the Ryzen 7 7700x has similar performance to the i5, and for a gpu the best one right now is the RTX 4090 but it is overkill for 99% of the people, a 4070 is the best value gpu from Nvidia right now imo. If you need a laptop check that it has a 12th or 13th gen intel cpu series HX, and an Nvidia series 30 or 40 gpu, at least a 3070.