SketchUp 2022 crashes with copy and paste between projects

I’ve just updated to 22 from 21. Now in 22, if I copy any model and paste from one open project into a new project window SketchUp crashes and I get the spinning beach ball of doom! If I copy and paste in the same project it’s fine.

Any ideas towards a solution gladly received!


A crash implies that the SketchUp process has terminated in an abnormal manner. A spinning beachball cursor indicates that the process is still executing. How long have you allowed the spinning cursor to continue?

There is a chance that an extension is involved with either a crash (if that is really happening) or a long (possibly endless) paste operation. You might try to disable all extensions via the Extension Manager window, quit and restart SketchUp, and see if there is any change.

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Hi Tom thanks for your reply.

Definitely a ‘crash’ but I suppose we can call it a ‘freeze’…the application totally freezes indefinitely if I let it and I have to force a quit via the finder.

Odd that 22 would have extension conflicts when 21 was fine - nothing new added since I upgraded….

All the best Piers

I’m a software engineer, so I would definitely term an indefinite hang as a freeze rather than a crash. :slight_smile: Hopefully other community members will have additional suggestions (beyond disabling extensions) on how to diagnose the issue.

There is a problem we’ve been trying to figure out for a long time, where it can take many minutes to insert something from 3D Warehouse. Previously we couldn’t reproduce the situation on our Macs, but now we have an example model that shows the problem for us, though only on certain Macs. In one test I did yesterday it took 14 minutes to insert a simple model.

The copy and paste freeze could well be the same issue. For me though I get the same slowness in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

You could do a test where you let it try to paste for a much longer time, to see if it is the same problem.

Until we figure out how to fix the problem the only solutions I know of are to find a different Mac to work on, or use SketchUp 2019, which doesn’t show the problem.

Thanks for your reply Colin.

I’m going to go back to 2019 for the moment…great advice!

All the best Piers