Persistent Crashes

I am being absolutely plagued by SketchUp crashes, it happens around every 5 to 10 minutes and it is driving me crazy!

This is a list of extensions I am currently running

fredo6 animator
fredo6 Fredo Tools
fredo6 libfredo6
fredo6 round corner
helix-along-curve-tool 0.9
sandbox tools
trimble connect

Am running on a silicon Mac which I brought specifically to do CAD design work but these crashes are making work very time consuming.

It doesn’t seem to matter how complex the model is but it does do it more often with more complex models.

I wonder if anyone else is having these same problems, I am running sketchup in rosetta.


Are you getting Bug Splats when SketchUp crashes? If you are, are you sending them in with information that identifies they came from you? Did you install SketchUp or are you running it from the .dmg?

I just get the colour wheel spinning indefinitely. I then have to force quit sketchup

I installed sketchup

I have sent a few that identifies as me but not every time it happens

That tells us SketchUp is working on a task. What happens if it is given time to complete the task? Is it possible to post the model? What is the size of the model? Are there textures in it?

Yeah I have waited like 10 mins for it to do something but nothing occurs, the models do have textures but I mostly work without them on(not sure that makes a difference?)

Hmmm all my models seem way too big to post, none lower than 16mb

I am currently working on 3 models and they are all over 100mb, this seems big to me!

Seems big to me, too. Upload to Dropbox and share the link.

I have waited overnight. Some things can take a very long time, especially if you have lots of edges.

But I am just navagating around my model, am not waiting all night to move from one point to another, it moves fine most of the time but then hangs randomly!

if I was doing a massively high resolution render then I accept that I would have to wait a long time but not just moving around my model that seems to navigate quickly and freely when working on it

What does the Model Info>Statistics window show when you check the “Show nested components” box? How many edges and faces? Have you fallen into the trap of inserting entourage from the 3D Warehouse without checking how heavy it is?

Edges 600,000 and faces 300,000!

I have no objects from 3d warehouse in the model but a lot of objects with rounded edges, I imagine this massively ramps up the edge and face count!

Yes, rounded edges are very heavy!
When you view hidden lines you can see how heavy your model is.

Another thing:
Do you have processor heavy things switched on like
Hidden lines?
colour by axis?

It would be very helpful to get a look at your model.

I normally run with hidden lines on but not shadows or axis

How to I show you my model if it is a large file?

Sry new to all this!

Switch off hidden lines! That’s a no-no for modeling as it eats the processor.

Can you upload to google docs dropbox or wetransfer?

It shows a different story for me, almost 3 million edges and almost 1.5 million faces:
Probably most of it is in the hyperrealistic ropes. I would use a texture, even if the model still behaves quite smoothly in my PC.

I agree with @Anssi, aTexture would likely do the job representing the rope with no problem.

I went through your model like I often do with models from others. I found a little bit of incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 2_10_2023 , 7_33_10 AM
Purged unused stuff from the model.
Screenshot - 2_10_2023 , 7_33_56 AM
And resized the excessively large textures.

Resulting file size reduction of better that 86%.

rope walk purged.skp (14.2 MB)

Nice work @DaveR!

I did originally have the rope as a cylinder but couldn’t get the rope texture to line up and wrap around the cylinder correctly. I didn’t have fredo tools at that time and I can do that now so that is probably a good idea to swap it back, but the do look good!

How did you resize the textures?

It seems loads better since I have switched off hidden lines tbh, will work with your nice clean file and see how I get on!


I used an extension called Material Resizer.

FWIW, it’s a good idea to stay on top of the model cleanup as you go so you don’t wind up creating issues as you go.

Good luck.

oooooohhhhhh, its like a breath of fresh air!!! I can work on my models till my heart is content and no crashing!! Thanks a lot to all the people who posted on this thread. :smiley:

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