High-End PC crash

Hey guys.
I am reading these forums for a long time but just now created an account to start chatting with others.

Directly to the issue…I just bought a new PC with config: Win11/RTX3060 ti/RAM 32GB DDR4/ CPU 12600k i5

the problem with my SketchUp is that it will crash occasionally and I cannot figure out why.

I am working on a large edge model (28000+ components/1.3m edges) and I am pretty sure the file itself is too heavy for ketchup to handle, however, some plugins I am using like “random select” make it almost impossible to be able to select to tiles I want to, and keeps saying not responding so I have to do it in multiple parts and will be so time-consuming.

This photo is a part of my model (like 30% of the whole components)
and on this selection also I have to keep splitting my primary selection into 10-20% parts to start random selecting, otherwise, it is going to crash or not respond.

It’s the eighth icon from the left above the space where you write a post. Looks like this:

But you can’t directly upload a file bigger than about 15MB. Upload it to a file sharing service instead, (Like Dropbox, OneDrive or WeTransfer, and copy a link into your post. Make sure the file is readable by the public, not made private.

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1.3 million edges is into the realm where SketchUp may start to lag. If you haven’t done so, you should turn off profiles, as they put a heavy load on SketchUp. When you say it crashes, do you just mean that it becomes unresponsive, or that it actually crashes?

If the former, that is just a symptom that the model is too complex. This will often affect extensions more than core tools because Ruby is slower than compiled code.

If the latter, do you get a BugSplat and have you submitted the BugSplat report?

Start by checking that your drivers, especially for the Nvidia graphics card, are up to date (download and install the latest from the Nvidia website). Also check in the Nvidia control panel 3D application settings that SketchUp is set to use your Nvidia card.

Already tried turning the profile off and it helped a little bit. It is turning out that “random select” plugin has some difficulty managing my selection itself.

Mostly I get “Not responding”, however, in some cases it actually crashes mostly when I am using Enscape 3.4 and unfortunately I have not submitted any reports yet.

I do not want to blame SketchUp or PC for this issue as I am aware of my model’s complexity. But there must be something I can make it work better.

All checked,
although I had to uninstall the Nvidia driver and install an older version to use Lumion 12. But the problem already exist before I do this.

“Not responding” does not mean it has crashed, rather than something is working/calculating.
If you have given your computer a big task to think about, then you will have to wait for an answer.

Go make a coffee and come back in a while


Nope, the task that sketchup is working on is not that big, as I mentioned I already split the task into different parts to make it lighter for sketchup to handle. Although in this case, it might be something wrong with the plugin. Not sure…

Quite possibly, You did say it had 1.3million edges, hence the suggestion.

Can you share a file yet?

yes sure, I try to.

OMG !!
It turns out the edges are over 4 million!!

No wonder it takes more than a cup of coffee…


So that’s it then,
Too many edges and components.

Thank you all.

It would be interesting to see your model file. I’m guessing it doesn’t really need to have that many.

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This is one of the files.

Very clearly you could improve the model by replacing geometry for items such as the tiles with a texture on the valance, wall and counter. The same with the “Signature Recipes” board on the back wall. (no need to have all of those little circles drawn.)

Those lamp shades and the plants are excessively over detailed, too.

You could use an extension called Skimp to help reduce the load of the obese objects on your model.

Also I note there is a lot of incorrect tag usage. All edges and faces should be untagged.
Screenshot - 1_5_2023 , 10_46_45 AM
There’s a fair amount of unused stuff in the model as well.
Screenshot - 1_5_2023 , 10_48_14 AM
Even without replacing all of those little tiles simply purging the unused stuff reduced the file size by about 57%.

Further cleaning and optimizing of the model would help to improve performance even more.

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Thanks mate,
Really 57% ?!!

I cannot change the tiles as it is the main design context
However, I have been impressed when you said it just dropped down by over 50%. But I already tried purging the file using SketchUp’s default purge button and nothing changes at all.

And I copy the tiles in another file and after making the changes I replace them in the main file, so despite the main model, I also have the problems above in the files that contains only the tiles.

I expect you could get by with a textures for the tiles even though it is the “main design context” and find it easier to manage both as you are working in the model and for making edits. As it is the tiles in your model aren’t set up to be all that simple to modify even with your process of copying them to a separate file to work on them.

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I just took a look at it in Enscape too. It looks great.

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