Crashing and quitting

Hello, I am new here. I have an I Mac 27 that I bought 2 years ago. All good until I started working with SketchUP as a student in a heavier model. When I was finalizing it started to slow down and now it quits all the time. I see the error code: # 271 002.
This is the final year project and I am really worried. I purged the model but we no results.
The graphic card I have is AMD Radeon Pro 5300. And this is Intel Core. I5.

I have save the model it in an external drive in case everything collapses… Any solutions apart of buying another computer? Thanks

You may want to share the model (on forum publicly or via pm via this forum) with forum members.
To analyze the model to see what could be done to improve performance, if at all.

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Because you wrote “crashing and quitting” I presume it isn’t just stuck spinning the beachball. Are you getting BugSplat on restart, and if so are you submitting the reports with your email so that SketchUp team members can look them up? Crashes without a BugSplat are often due to graphics or driver issues, but the macOS crash report might give a clue. Also, what version of macOS are you running?

It is a holiday weekend in the US, so unless a team member scans the forum during spare time you won’t see a reply from the until at least Tuesday.

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As long as you are saving to a local drive and then copying it to the external drive you should not have an issue with the file on the external drive. To open the copied file copy it back on the local drive first.

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Thanks for your reply.
Indeed it all started with the spinning ball. I have been working patiently in SUP months like that.

Since a couple of weeks the quitting started including the bug report. I am waiting to see if I get some guidelines.

I saved partially a superlong failure report that I got but frankly impossible to decode.

I got updated recently to the new Mac SONOMA and today I started working in SUP 2023, and the situation has not changed. For the rest the computer works perfectly (I am working also in AUTOCAD).

I wonder if my computer is not powerful enough for this.
Not sure if the photo I uploaded is visible: basically I have the processor 3.3 Ghz 6 Core Inter core i5. The graphic card is AMD Radeom Pro 5300 4GB. Memory 8 GB. Thanks any advice!!! Mj

Hello, thanks, first time I use the Forum. Is this PM or this reply can be read by all the Forum?

Forum posts like this can be read by all. PM stands for private message and cannot be read by anyone but you and the sender.

It kinda sounds like the file is bloated or excessively large. There is a limit that SketchUp can handle. Perhaps the file needs purging and have the textures reduced in size. If the file was posted to the forum, guidance can be given as to how and what steps to take.

That means SketchUp for some reason is not responding to events.

Most often the cause is simply that some very complex operation is taking a long time to complete. One source of long operations is a very complex SketchUp model. If you open Window->Model Info->Statistics, with the Show nested components box checked, what do you see for edge and face counts? A model with millions of edges and faces will overwhelm any computer and make SketchUp run slowly.

Another possibility is an extension that is failing or is performing an operation that takes a long time (the Ruby interpreter that runs most extensions is much slower than compiled code).

Check the macOS Activity Monitor and see how much memory SketchUp is using. If it is consuming more than a GB or so and the amount is growing, it is likely there is an extension that has gone astray. An extension gobbling huge amounts of memory will block SketchUp and can eventually cause it to crash. Old versions of the 3DConnexion extension were notorious for doing this.

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Indeed must be too large. I have found Skimp, and I am now at 156 MB. I have managed to reduce by 30%.
I can do more with patience. The purging tool: model info / statistics/ purge unused/ does not seem to work?
At least it has not quit in 3 hours, which is a record.
Thanks for your support. Let’s see how it goes. If more problems I will come back to you.

If you share your file we can give you some better ideas about optimizing your file.

I’m sure it does work if there’s unused content to purge.

If you click on the M in the top right of your screen and scroll to the envelop you can write a PM to DaveR to make your file available to him, only.

I used a 13” MacBook Pro with an 4th gen dual core i7 for almost ten years, included the final years of my career, and it could handle even huge files, but you must learn how to optimize your model and not use any model from the 3D warehouse, a lot of them are unnecessarily big with a lot of details that are irrelevant for the model. I would recommend you to increase the ram and depending on the model of your iMac you can even upgrade your cpu, it’s very cheap nowadays to do that, you don’t need to get a new machine.