SketchUp 2021

Thanks. What worried me was that the 2020 codes were sent very promptly after release.

I downloaded this new version for 2021 and see the gibberish I am getting when I double-click on the .dmg file to install it on my 2015 MacBook Pro running Catalina right now…still not ready to go to Big Sur. the attached file is just part of the extremely long text file that it opens. I downloaded it again I have restarted the computer and I also get the second image that pops up too…

Please send help ASAP!!!

Whoa! That looks like something is trying to display the contents of the .dmg file as text, which will be gibberish because the file is binary. If you right-click the downloaded .dmg in Finder and select Open With, what does it show as the default? It should say “ (default)”. Anything else is very unlikely to work correctly, especially any sort of text editor!

I’ve seen a recent post from someone who saw the Resource busy warning. I don’t recall if there was a solution or explanation found. Perhaps it is busy because whatever popped that bogus text box already has it open.

I finally got it working…

Now for the next question…Is there a way to transfer all of my plugins from 2020 over to 2021 with out actually reloading all of them individually?

All the experts will tell you that the safe way is to reload them because that way you are sure you don’t get an old version that will cause errors.

That said, because almost all pure Ruby extensions will work perfectly, some people just copy the contents of the Plugins folder from the old SketchUp version to the new one. Doing it that way you run the risk that if any of them are not compatible, SketchUp may report errors during startup or may even crash. Then you get into a trial and error process to find the offender(s), which can take longer than reloading them in the first place. Of course, that depends on how many extensions you have loaded.

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Update is fan-freakin’-tastic. 1.28 gig file down to 480megs just by resaving it in 2021. I have 1000’s of files so now we need a batch-save function so I can resave whole folders instead of file by file. By far the best part of this update is w/e you did here. Nicely done.


As I understand it, a 2021 skp file is actually a compressed zip archive. The compression is responsible for the reduction in size, as a traditional SketchUp file actually contains a fair amount of “empty air”.

Depending on scale? :crazy_face:
LayOut used a zip format, already, so It won’t affect them, that much.

Can we not install 2021 with Subscription on 2 computers like we could before with M&S? Just installed 2021 on home PC and it’s telling me that I am using it on too many machines. I only have it one 1.

Each sign in you do counts as another one, meaning, that if you were still signed in with 2019 and 2020, 2021 would seem like a third sign in. Even if that is all on one computer.

So, open 2020 and sign out, then open 2021, sign out and in again, and it should be ok.

I’m having a problem with opening sketchup in my applications file. Is this happening with all Mac OS Big Sur?

OK maybe I am misunderstanding something. All of my old installs are on my old M&S license and not my new Subscription License. I have only installed 2021 1 time with my new Subscription. I thought that our old licenses were not to be associated with our new Subscription license. Looking in my last 2020 install, at home it shows both my Classic License and my new Subscription. Is this correct?
Oh and thanks for helping.

Edit: OK, I think I got it now. I’ll let you know if I mess it up again.

There is something I should test. You need to sign in to use some features, and it may be that a classic license SketchUp, with you signing in to use those features, might count as one subscription sign in. That would seem wrong.

Well, I installed my 2020 copy on my home machine after upgrading to Subscription but I did use my last license from my M&S to authorize it. This seemed to have worked with no issues. Today I downloaded and installed 2021 and used my new Subscription license and then tried it at home. 2020 at home now only shows my classic license and not both it and my new Subscription license, as I think it should. So now I can open both my Classic 2020 install as well as my Sub 2021 install at the same time, whew. :wink:

Does the subscription really count different SU versions on the same machine as different activations! This will become a hell for me as developer. Running 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 on Mac and the same versions on windows VMWare on the same machine! This are 10 activations on one machine!

The limitation of two devices is for the Trimble ID.

and one reserve

The AMP talks about devices
So yeah, it is wrong

Even if you buy a multi-seated plan, you cannot be logged in on more than two ahm…3 devices of the same kind. There are three kinds of devices (Computer-Mobile-MR/AR Viewer)

Welcome in my reality…:slight_smile:

2018 and earlier shouldn’t be affected, because they predate the subscription versions.

When I did a test to prove that they were seen as separate sign ins I signed in with 2019 and 2020 on Mac, and 2019 and 2020 in Parallels, after having done a deauthorize all devices. The fourth sign in showed the too many sign ins message, even with me only having used one machine.

I have a lot of problems with SKP 2021, in VERY small files I even get enjoying bugsplats, just out of the blue… it happens with almost every tool I use… (push-pull, follow me, measurement tool, saving files, and so on…) really ennoying! It’s the first time I post something, but in this case it’s really necessary! It affect my workflow in a very bad way… And while I’m posting I wan’t to ask to change the name of “BUGSPLATT”, what a horrible name, every time I have it I want to smash my computer against the wall, only by see the name…, an idee could be instead of bugsplatt, you put a daily joke on it, at least we will have something to laugh at… just an idee…
Serious, solve the issues with SKP 2021 or don’t let us upgrade! it’s terrible to work in at this moment…