SketchUp 2021

Just downloaded and installed 2021

But I’m getting…

“we are experiencing technical difficulties”

Signed out and back in but I get the same message…

Might take a little bit for the entire thing to get rolled out.

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It’s also saying…

“this device is not authorised”

I think I had a similar problem when 2020 was released

How many machines have you licensed 2020 on? Seems to me @colin indicated there’s a problem where it can look like too many machines in the Account Management Portal. Maybe open SU2020 and sign out of it before trying to sign in to 2021?

Yes signed out of 2020 but still not happening.

The Account Management Portal doesn’t help because my SketchUp is through a reseller and has never been listed on the Portal

Hmmmm… Maybe @colin has something smart to say.

You don’t have any subscription Pro products, but you do have a 2021 Classic license. You should add that to 2021.

I’d have to wait until my reseller gets in touch with the 2021 licence :frowning_face:

Hey Colin, I didn’t think you could get a 2021 classic license?? Isn’t it subscription only at this point? Or are there some straggling maintenance agreements that get 2021 perpetual license grandfathered in?

Not necessarily.

A lot of people have M&S going as late as November 4th 2021. They all will have had their license upgraded.


Colin - many thanks!!


If you are using the old classic license as a means to authorize SketchUp 2021, be sure to use the new license information specific to SketchUp 2021. Signing into SketchUp does provide some functionality in SketchUp but it is NOT the mechanism for classic license holders to authorize SketchUp. Authorization via Sign-in is only for subscription users.

If you have active M&S, you should be able to get the 2021 license information as part of the maintenance.

You should reach out to the reseller to get your new license information.

I hope this helps


Downloaded, installed and ready to go!

Crit: How about some sort of user settings transfer utility for next release? I’m pretty spoiled with the ones with my AutoDesk products :wink:


Seconded! Getting the toolbar to transfer should be child’s play, right!? But, if they could give me my extensions & we’d be “friends 'til the end”! :wink:


In general, it is safer to start the trial before entering any license info. After all, you got 30 days.

No e-mail yet.

Extensions aren’t always that easy to migrate between SketchUp versions. When the extension isn’t pure ruby but also a part in C, it needs to be recompiled for the new version and you can’t just copy it from a previous version. But now also the Ruby in de new version is updated and some extension will need to update parts of their code to run on ruby 2.7.

I wonder if that’s because you were still using 2019 on that license.

I had the system send you your 2021 license.