Sketchup 2021 to 2022

Have 2021 subscription. Downloaded 2022 but can’t access. What’s the trick?

Presumedly you have installed the program (right click run as administrator on the exe file) and attempted to run it…

And what?

Is SketchUp saying anything to you?

Is nothing happening?

the trick would be to sign out of SketchUp in version 2021, first.
Or deauthorize devices:
Click on the blue ‘Manage Activations’ button.
Select My Products in the AMP
expand the product (‘View Included apps’)
Choose ‘Manage devices’ from SketchUp Pro app.
Confirm, make SketchUp the active app again, log out and back in.

Response…sends me to Manage Activation…says I have exceeded by allowed activations (?)

Deauthorize them.

Can access 2021 but not the recently added 2022.

Deauthorized on both desktop and laptop…still no ability to access 2022

Does the Account Management Portal show the deactivations?

Did you follow the steps outlined by @MikeWayzovski?

Deauthorizing takes place in a web browser. Makes no sense to do that on different machines, because it is basically a web page.
The trick is to sign out of the app that is running on your machine, after deauthorizing in that webpage.

[menu]. Help > signout (emailaddress) or by clicking on the little signin logo in the top right of the welcome screen.
Then sign back in or quit SketchUp and start again….

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There have been SketchUp apps running on my machines.

Thanks…that’s very helpful.

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The answer to the activation problem can be found about halfway down this page Managing Subscription Plans | SketchUp Help

Here’s the answer to 2022 too many machines issue if deauthorize doesn’t work:

  1. Log out from SU 2022
  2. go to %AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp\
  3. delete login_session.dat
  4. Login once again