Sketchup 2021 really slow at launch

The new version of Sketchup is particularly slow to open. Many coolaboartors are impacted with this.
We use z240 or Z2 as workstation and previous version of sketchup where ok.

One exemple:
I just timed it, it took 4min 20 to open the file.
It’s a 50 mb file, but it’s almost the same with a file I was opening before of 1.7 mb.

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I would check the following:

  • Are the OpenGL settings same on SU2021 and previous version?
  • Is it possible that the SU2021 using the integrated Graphics instead of the more powerful one?
  • If you load the file into SU2021 and save to SU2021 format then try to load again do you still get long opening time?

How long does SketchUp take to open on its own, just to get to the welcome screen?

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It is also a documented “feature” that opening an older version file for the first time on version 2021 takes a longer time because of the conversion to the newer file format and the checking that this requires.

More precisely… :innocent: :wink: