Sketchup 2021 File association lost after installing Trimble Connect

Hi Everyone… after all the LO talk decided to revisit Trimble Connect… looked at the web interface yesterday then decided to install the W10 desktop software…

Looked worth further investigation but on exiting noticed all my skp file icons had reverted back to 2019 version file extensions and now I cannot reset them back to SU2021… even when I manually track down the SU2021 exe… to does not remap back all my SKP files to 2021… locked on 2019… bloody annoying !

A TC bug?

Just did a System Restore to before the Trimble Connect install and still did not revert my SKP files back to SU2021 ???

Opening up a 2021 SU file on my desktop I get this error message

Telling me I need 2021 but I can successfully open the file if I open it via opening SU 2021 from my taskbar icon…

Any suggestions how to fix this file extension problem,., not looking forward to playing around with reg editor!

I would try this:

  1. Go to Windows Setting>> App & Features>>Default apps: Chosse default app by file type. Scroll down to .skp.
    Select the SkechUp 20xy with a “new blue icon” even the “xy” is shows different than 21, and even it is already looks okay.

  2. Restart the computer, then check.

If it does not helps.

  1. Right click on the downloaded SU 2021 installer and choose Run as administrator, then choose Repair.
    Restart the computer, then check. You might have to repeat step 1.
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Thx Dezmo , the repair worked, surprised the System Restore didn’t … Trimble Team… please check you Trimble Connect for Windows Desktop compatibility with SU2021

PS tried option 1 a few times [didnt see to 2021 icon and it only listed… SU2019 as an option… had to manually select the 2021 sketchup.exe file. it still didn’t work

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Upon installing, there is a checkboxlist of all the fileassociations.

Remember, it’s a viewer so a supervisor would have other associations then the revit guy who needs to model the initial design in SketchUp.

Full guide here:

Release notes of the 3D Viewer (web based)

What? Every month improvements and new features?

Latest being able to explore the hierarchy of the Model (nested components)

Yes, saw the list… but I cant recall seeing a .skp option so it does not seem to offer any way of addressing the issue I had…

PS… the level of SU data accessible was impressive… want to investigate further but kidnapping my 2021 files is more than a inconvenience to my work… hope it can be addressed quickly

It shows as SKP, whereas us Sketchuppers like to see .skp…


Hmmm, getting old Mike :slight_smile: … is that the W10 install?

Sure, there is no other left! (They abandoned Windows 7 begin this year)
No Mac version…