Sketchup 2021 failed to open document, error


can some want help me… When I tried to open it I receive the error message ‘Failed to Open Document’. I’m running SketchUp 2021. my file in the google drive,

Please help, thankyou

The file opens, only it is very large and requires more time.
Using the Purge command, your file drops to 400 mega instead of 740MB.



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What @mihai.s shows is different than what you told me in the PM you sent before starting this thread.

As he wrote, purging unused will help.
Screenshot - 12_10_2021 , 6_29_31 AM

It wouldn’t hurt to simplify a lot of the components you’ve gotten from the 3D Warehouse. It seems you’ve selected the most obese components for many of the furniture pieces and plants. Example:

Over 75,000 entities in a towel.

For an object that has such a minor part in the overall model, that’s an excessive amount of geometry. The duvet on the bed in the next room, only has about a third of the entities but it is more visible in the model. The duvet could stand to be redeced along with the rest of the bed, too.

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is cleanup extension helping? or just using what you show me? which one better or any suggestions…


CleanUp3 might help. I’m running it on your file now. It says it has more than 60 hours to go before it’ll be done. If that’s true I expect you could start over and model it cleanly in considerably less time.

Edit: it’s now showing over 147 hours to go. I’ve never seen CleanUp3 estimate that much time. No point in continuing.

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ok thankyou for the suggestions, next time when I’m do the model, will try cleanup sometime and i’m appreciate your time.

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