Sketchup 2020 window is gone

After using the sketchup pro 2020 trial successfully for a week, the main window is absent (or maybe offscreen) after the welcome window is closed.

I have tried the usual - reboot, re-install the program but the same problem occurs. I am trialling 2020 but have 2017 pro full license installed alongside which still loads fine.

This problem is occurring on my windows 10 laptop at home. At work I do plug in a second screen which usually displays the sketchup main window. Has it somehow got caught offscreen?

If I load a model from the welcome screen, the model does not show in the task bar preview window so I can’t be sure that it is even loading correctly…please help!

I still have 20 days left on trial so no issue there…

You probably can try my suggestions here (last 2 posts) :3D warehouse browser won't open

Edit: Probably you need to set in Windows Tasbar settings: “Show taskbar icon on”:
Than you can locate the your “lost” SU window…

I have an external monitor plugged into an HDMI port and I’ve never been able to have SketchUp start on the external display. When I tried I also got caught in the “hidden window hell”. I had to either delete the preferences json files or tweak the registry. (I think the latter.)

First thing to try is rerun the installer (right-click it and “Run as administrator”,) and then choose the Repair option.

The other thing is to try another display interface port (other than the affected port.) Ie, a mini display port or a USB type-3.

dezmo’s second suggestion is what I was going to say as well, and I tested it on a window that was mostly off screen. It seems to work.

Here is the post: 3D warehouse browser won't open

Evidently it’s still in the test stage. I checked for updates in my 2019 Pro version and it said I had the latest version.

What is in the test stage? SketchUp 2020? That was released several weeks ago.

That would only check to see if you have the latest maintenance release of SketchUp 2019. Not the latest version of SketchUp.

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