Sketchup 2020 freezing/hangs

Hi There

I’m having a problem with Sketchup 2020 (on my new windows 10 laptop)

Every time I select the window/model info tab sketchup freezes, no model info window pops up…nothing.

I have unistalled and re installed as well as trying the repair also

Just wondering if anyone might know what the problem is


Probably opening off screen.
Activate it then hit Alt and Space together followed by m then tap any arrow key and without clicking move the mouse around until the dialog appears.

Hi thanks for the suggestion but I get nothing when i try that…when i try to reset the workspace i get the same problem with sketchup freezing…

Have you previously attached two monitors but now detached one of them? Seems less likely on a new computer, but that is a common cause of windows opening off screen.

Hi there

Thanks so much, detached secondary monitor and found the windows

Much appreciated

I once tried to talk someone through that on a screen share. She was in a secure environment, and so I couldn’t just do the driving. No matter how I worded it she couldn’t do it. Not even when trying with File Explorer. I think that it’s impossible to fail, unless the keys weren’t pressed in the correct way. When I describe it these days I say hold Alt, tap the spacebar, release both keys. Now tap M, and then any arrow key. Move your mouse and the window will be attached. Left click when you want to drop the window in that location. I don’t know how it could fail.

Maybe another language? ( Dutch: “R”)

Interesting idea. When you go to the icon in the upper left of any Windows window, and there is a Move option, what is the shortcut key? In other language systems I mean.

Verplaatsen = Move:

The problem is of course that the popup is outside or in between screens, too! To know for sure, try an active window that you can see.

Good call then, though in my screen share case it was someone in New York. But, Asian, and possibly using a non-English system.

@justinp01 you have already solved your problem, but can you confirm what language your Windows is set to, and what is the shortcut key for the Move option in the upper left window menu?

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