Sketchup 2021 freezing

I have been using v 2018 for 3 years and it was working seamlessly but I went ahead and upgraded to 2021. When I use 2021 it randomly freezes sometimes to the point that I have to close the program and lose my work rather than wait it out. I went back to 2018 but now that one does it sometimes as well. Is there a problem having two versions on one machine? Is there a setting I can change in 2021 to solve this? I have upgraded my Nvidia drivers and that didn’t solve it.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Are you still using Windows 7 as your profile indicates?

no, Windows 10

Hello, what do you mean with “freezing” ?
Do you have multiple screens ?

No. The question would be about what else has changed.
Windows 7 is not a supported operating system for SketchUp 2021, but that doesn’t categorically mean that it wouldn’t work. I would think the biggest problem with Windows 7 is that Microsoft stopped supporting it more than a year ago.

yes two screens but that’s never been a problem. I get the spinning blue wheel and sometimes it sorts itself out and other times I wait 15 minutes or so and then just close the program and redo what I’ve lost rather than wait.

Please correct your profile with the right information.

When you installed SketchUp 2021 did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator?

What exactly is it that you are doing when it appears to freeze?

it seems completely random and can be as simple as trying to copy a component to another location.

Having multiple screens Can actually cause SketchUp dialogs to go off the screen easily, making it feel like it becomes unresponsive. But if you say you have a spinning wheel I don’t think that would be your issue.
Can you attach a model you’re having this problem with ? Having objects very far from origin can lead to freezes.

Thanks for the help. My models are of large custom homes and when I start them I’m importing CAD floor plans and then elevating the walls etc. Visually I’m close to the origin point and I can obviously move the axis. Would that help? Would it help to copy and paste my whole model into a new Sketchup model next to the origin?

Remove the cad floor plans and purge your model (Make a backup first) to see if it gets better ( or copy your model without the plans inside a new model if you prefer)

Moving the axes does not move the origin. The origin is a fixed point in space. By default the axis lines intersect at the origin. So moving the axis lines doesn’t help with issues created by the model being at a long distance from the origin.

I’m having the same or a similar issue. Any resolution?

It was bad enough that I went back to 2018 and used it for a while but then started to have the same problem there. I have switched to 2021 now for good and the problem seems to have gone away. I still have 2028 on my computer so that doesn’t seem to matter. I can’t think of anything else I did to fix it, it just seems to have worked itself out.

2018 I meant to say