Freezing on window switching

It is almost month since my problem arised with Sketchup 2016 also 2017. When i switch to another windows and back to sketchup, the sketchup is unresponsible for 3-5 seconds. It makes me crazy. Cause i need switching the windows and application all the time this eats my pressure time.

I tried disabling all plugins, reinstalling Sketchup also updating to 2017.

I think it could be related to the creators update, but i could not find any solution to fixing this problem. Do you have any ideas what could help?

There is no problem with Blender or another applications. The problem happens with hardware accelaration disabled as well. So it is not related to the GPU nor fast feedback options.

Thanks for any advice

First, be sure that the Creators update did not reset your graphics settings.
Open Nvidia Control Panel and make sure that SketchUp is still set to use the Nvidia GPU.

You could try updating your Nvidia GeForce driver, or rolling it back a version or two.

Thanks, Dan. As i am advanced user, i tried these steps already and its not working. For me it would be better find what actualy happening behind the GUI. Maybe there will be some clue. Is there any possibility run Sketchup in debug mode?

Not for us mere mortals.

The bottom line is that SU2017 released before the WIn10 Creator’s update was available, and really does not “officially” support it. People should first check that the software they rely upon has been tested and supports a major OS upgrade before upgrading.

Secondly, many users upgraded to Win10 on machines that never should have, (ie the hardware they rely upon.) Many people upgraded when they have old out of support graphics that is Win8 maximum and will never get any updated drivers.

You can check WER reports or go through the Event Viewer (if it still exists in Win10.)

It is unlikely that there will be any new updates to SketchUp 2017. The team is deep into working on the 2018 release. So any “official” support from newer OS versions and updates (if it is necessary,) will only come from an upcoming release. (This is the way it has been since the v2013 when they switched to yearly release cycles.)

I’m not convinced it is a SketchUp specific issue. It seems to be related to graphics drivers, and/or their interaction with the MS C runtime. (Ie, I think the graphics drivers are repeatedly crashing, and Windows is reinitializing the driver. This is what I think is happening during the delays.) Users with Intel HD 4000 seem to be hit the hardest.

Good point. I had time to reinstall my Windows so i gave another try to Creators Update from scratch with Sketchup 2017. For now, no problem with freezing. So maybe it is not related to Creators Update (Windows buld 1703).

For now I am not going update drivers or anything. If i found the reason of freezing, i will update this topic.

Anyway, thanks for your time and advise, Dan.

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