Sketchup 2020 Win10 repeatedly crashes but NO bugsplat and NO error code

I am really enjoying SketchUp having not used it for a few years now - it is everything I miss about visual 3d modelling - however there is one thing which is driving me nuts - it regularly crashes - at least 2 or 3 times per day - for no apparent reason.

Unfortunately, I cannot share the model for commerical reasons.

I have searched this and other forums but nothing that immediately comes to the surface with my exact problem; but to remedy it I have changed the autosave time from 5mins to 20mins and disabled plugins.

Is there anything else that I can do?
Why is there no bugsplat or error message?

If you type %temp% into File Explorer, and view the files by their modified date, you should see the SketchUp log files. There will be one for each time that SketchUp crashed. You can view them in Notepad, and the last lines in the file will show what SketchUp was doing at the time that it crashed. That might tell us something useful.

Okay, there we are - loads of them!! And only a couple of bugsplats.
Let’s start with the last few lines of the recent SketchUp Log Files as you suggest above:

Start(Change Axes)Commit(6)
Start(Change Axes)Commit(8)

Start(Change Axes)Commit(45)

Start(Change Axes)Commit(98)
Start(Change Axes)Commit(101)

So the last couple of Logs show an issue with Paste" but previously there has been a multitude of potential things. Right now I am having to import and locate a site plan (approx 3MB) into another group; prior to the import I purged all unused items and saved just the layers that I require in AutoCad.

They do have the changing of axes in common. What is the reason you do that so much? Or maybe it’s an automatic thing that happens when going in and out of components or groups.

I found the bugsplat that you sent in yesterday. For that one it looks like the crash happened after exploding something. There is an issue we know of where exploding complex imported CAD groups can lead to a crash. I need to check into something first, but in a while I may be able to give you a suggestion that could help with the crashing.

Here is what I was waiting for:

You will want to read the release notes, to see everything that is new, but amongst those things is a fix for the crash I mentioned.

unfortunately we are to remain with v2020 for this project - thanks anyway

it certainly helps knowing where to find the log files and bugsplats, thank you