SketchUp 2020 keeps "not Responding"

I’m a student working on a project. My SketchUp keeps crashing every time I try to edit my toolbars and every time I try to use the sandbox stamp tool. I checked for updates to my current Sketch Up but I have the latest version. The tech support at my school told me its possibly a bug. Has anyone else has this issue?

Is it crashing as you say or just indicating Not Responding in the title bar? The Not Responding message isn’t indicating a crash. It means that SketchUp is busy doing something and won’t respond to further actions by you until it has finished.

You could have a problem with installation. Quit SketchUp and LayOut if they are open, find the installer file you downloaded (or get the current version of it from right click on it and choose Run as administrator. If you get prompted to uninstall or repair, choose repair.

Also go to the Intel site and make sure you have their latest graphics drivers for your graphics card. Don’t trust Windows to tell you if the drivers are up to date. Keep in mind that integrated graphics are not recommended for graphics-intensive applications like SketchUp. The one you list will probably work for lighter models but you will likely see performance degradation as your models get a little more complex.

Thank you for your response! I actually figured out my issue finally. I guess I just needed to use a simpler object to create my stamp. I also went into my graphics setting and set them to maximum performance. this seemed to fix my issue.

Turning off Edge Style, Profiles, will help performance a lot too.