Sketchup 2020, iMac, Import Menu button greyed out

I have the Sketchup Pro free trial. I loaded 2019 and 2020. I am trying to import OBJ-based models from a 3D Occipital scanner. I finally got the extension manager to work but the menu option would be greyed out every other time.

Now I always have the “Import” menu button greyed out and can’t import anything. Any ideas as to why I can’t click on “Import”?

So far, Sketchup is wasting my time and I’m about to delete it and try another 3D software.

I also can’t talk with technical support as “I don’t have a license code as it’s a trial piece of software”. So far, this trial is not going well.

I’m confused. What does the Extension Manager have to do with importing OBJ files?

you can’t import an OBJ without an extension. If you have a way to do it without an extension like Skimp or SimLab I’m all ears.

Any we have Skimp installed as an extension now so theoretically we should be able to import. However, the import button is greyed out and we can’t import anything right now to even see if Skimp is working.

Which extension are you using?

Have you tried Quad Face Tools?

Skimp. I’ll get Quad Face tools installed right now.

Installed. Here’s what we get when we go to import anything. I hope we’re just dumb***es and there is something simple going on.

You must have a file open to access the import function. Open an new SketchUp window then try again.


Thanks! Knew it had to be something easy. Now to figuring out how to import the OBJ.

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Glad we got that sorted.

I import .OBJ by scrubbing them through Blender (free). I import the .OBJ in blender and export out as Collada .dae. Then import into SketchUp the .dae file. You can actually just drag and drop the .dae file from your desktop into an open SketchUp window.

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Sounds like EF got you fixed up while I was busy. Good to see.

Thanks very much. I was about to call it for the day before I bashed my head into the screen but have an image imported now.

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