SketchUp 2019 won't let me add new textures

I’ve just had to reinstall 2019 for Mac. I’m logged into my Trimble account as Commercial Use.

I want to create a new texture. I go to the Colors window, select any of the texture groups to see existing textures. When I click on the “Color” tab at the bottom, all the choices are greyed. When I right click on any of the existing textures, all the options are greyed as well.

Any clue why or how to fix that?

You can only edit or add materials in the “In Model” category.

Yes. You’re correct. Thanks, although I know I was able to duplicate and create new textures in the other lists previously. Is that something new with 2019? It makes it much more difficult!

Looks like a permission issue. Did you had to give access to certain folders after the installation?

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