Unable To Add New Texture

I recently upgraded to SketchUp Pro 2016 about a month ago and I cannot add a New Texture to the existing Materials pallets. In SketchUp Pro 2015 I could click on Color and then choose form several options, including New Texture, but with 2016 I click on Color and there are several options but all of them are greyed out, and not clickable.

I’m sure this is an easy fix, but I’ve searched the web and this forum and can’t find the answer. I’ve also reached out to SketchUp directly but have not heard back from them in a few weeks. Figured I’d try the forum and see if anyone else encountered the same thing and knows how to fix it.

Thanks in advance!

you must be in the model materials for any modifying/editing…

click on the ‘House’, then the material, then Right Click >> Edit >> Texture >> Load…


Thanks for the quick reply, John!! That at least allows me to get the material I need into the model, so I’m very thankful for that.

Still not sure why I used to be able to add New Textures from any material library but no longer can. Example: I have the Wood materials library open and I click on the Color tab and then I could choose New Texture and add a new texture. Adding a new texture directly to the specific material library seems the best way, and I wish that still worked.

I wonder if there is a setting that is not allowing me to add textures directly.

Thanks again!

It can still work. The reason it doesn’t is because the Textures directory is in the Application folder which is secured to prevent unauthorized access. You can change the security settings to allow it but you would be better off making your own library directory elsewhere such as in Documents. By doing that the directory will not be overwritten if you reinstall SketchUp or install an update and the same directory can be available to all versions of SketchUp you might have or will have.

@DaveR, are you sure you can on a mac?

I don’t recall ever trying to do that since v5, but it may have been possible before the OS X security and permissions became stricter…

the vast majority of people will only ever use supplied materials that are stored inside SU contents folder…

if these are modified it could break SU’s code signing, which is now a prerequisite on mac’s…

I have always modified ‘In Model’ materials and Save them in one of my user Materials folders only if they may be useful for other projects…


Well, I just did it on my Mac Book with SU2016.

After setting the permissions for the Wood folder to Read and Write, I I put the pink Basketweave brick texture in the Wood library. I dragged the material from the Brick, Cladding, and Siding library down to the palette, switched to the Wood library and dragged it up from the palette. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this as the best way to handle adding new/custom materials to libraries in Sketchup, though.

yes, I can do that without even changing permissions, but I can’t edit any that aren’t in the model…

however, I may have previously zapped the entire app permissions for other purposes…

@Jinscoe, The main disadvantages of storing inside SU is you loose them all with each ‘update’… [maintenance release]


Ah. Yes. Materials can only be edited if they are In Model. But they could be edited and then put back into the desired library. Still as we’ve said several times, it’s better not to add to the existing libraries.

@Dave @John

Guys, thanks so much for all the info and thoughts around this. Sounds like it’s best for me to make my own materials library outside of SketchUp and upload from there. Dave made a good point that I’ll lose all my uploaded materials if I load them directly into the existing material libraries… which I did when I upgraded from 2015 to 2016.

Again, thank you for all your help on this!!

Hi Jinscoe, For a complete description of how to set up custom texture/material and component libraries, please refer to “Rendering in SketchUp” by Daniel Tal. Also, “The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture” by Michael Brightmann. Combined, they give a best practices approach to this. They have been a very good guide, and time saver, as I have been learning this. Chip.