Adding Materials to SketchUp

I just watched Aaron’s ‘Adding Materials to SketchUp - Skill Builder’ and tried to emulate the process for Mac. I got everything to happen as demonstrated with the exception that although the textures were brought in and useable for the model I was working but on restart, did not save into 2017. I’m guessing this is disabled in the free version or am I doing something wrong?


Did you create the materials in SketchUp Free (Web)? Or are you using SketchUp 2017 Make?

Are you expecting the materials to be available for other models in SketchUp 2017 Make? If so, you have to actually save them into a collection to have them available. Simply adding them to a model doesn’t do that, though.

2017 make. I followed the steps demonstrated by Aaron and got everything to happen with the exception of being able to save to the materials library.

I moved the thread to the correct category then. Your profile says you are using the web version. Maybe you could fix that.

After you’ve added the materials to your SketchUp model you need to save them to a collection. If you want to create a new collection with the materials in your model open the Colors (Materials) panel. Click on the house icon to show the In Model materials and click Duplicate in the right hand drop down menu. Give it a name that makes sense.

I’ve tried to change my profile but can’t find the option for 2017 Make, I can only find free web… so I downloaded that and tried it but am much more comfortable with the 2017 Make.

It’s under License Type.

Screenshot - 6_2_2021 , 3_41_28 PM

Will attempt to change it. Thanks.

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