Can't find materials library


I am trying to add material to a drawing and would like to import a custom material. All the posts I’ve read so far say to open the “in model” materials folder and click the + to add. I can’t for the life of me find this. When I open the materials folder the “colors” folder pops up with no option to add anything. Am I missing something?


That is indeed a bit confusing. The posts that you were reading probably spoke about the Windows version of SketchUp, where there is a tiger-patterned “plus” button.

The OS X version of SketchUp uses a materials browser derived from the system color chooser. To add a new material, you have to click on the “List” dropdown and select “new” (if I’m not mistaken).


I can’t find the materials browser. When I go to “Window” and select “Materials” the colors browser pops up. Is there another way I can try to select it that anyone knows of?


I normally select a texture (any) then edit it to change it’s name and load an image into it.


The window labeled ‘Colors’ is the right one…
click on the ‘Brick’ to get ‘Materials’ window, then the ‘House’ for ‘In Model’…
click ‘Color’ >> ‘New Texture’ to add a one…


Awesome. So simple :slight_smile: Thanks.