Materials Library incomplete

I’m using sketchup pro 2016 on Mac OS X.
My materials library is incomplete. It doesn’t have the add materials button and looks like this

Adding materials is done in the In Model library. Click on the little house icon to the left of the drop down window.

Thanks, this is the screen that I get when i click on the house icon. It looks the same? It seems to be missing the add materials button:

I’m not at my Mac so I can’t make a screen shot. The materials management is different on Mac than on the PC. The button isn’t missing. It’s not supposed to be there on Mac. Look at the drop downs labeled Color and List. Under List you should find New. Click on that.

Another and my preferred way of creating new materials in SketchUp is to create a face of the proper size for the text and import the image as a material via File>Import. apply the material to the face. It’ll automatically be added to the colors in Model and it’ll be correctly sized. You can see how that works here.

Got it. Thank you

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