SketchUp 2019.3 on MacOS - still on a Classic licence with support paid up

2020-01-13T14:00:00Z I received a screen notification for an update to Sketchup 2019.3 and was pointed to the download file which I duly did. On downloading and installing the file , nothing appeared to have changed with the latest SKP executable showing as 2019.2…

Tried moving the downloaded file to SKP 2019.3 folder and mounting the the dmg image there but nothing seemed to happen.

Is this correct behaviour for a Classic licence, perhaps confirming that the upgrade is restricted to Pro (subscription) users?

Many thanks Scott

Did you download from … ?

The folder has nothing to do with the version installed, all updates to 2019 install into the same destination. Also the update to 2019.3 was a minor tweak to deal with a few problems in Catalina. It is available to both classic and subscription licenses.

Was SketchUp running when you did the install? If so, quit SketchUp and try the install again. The system usually won’t overwrite the on-disk source of an app that is running.

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There are a few ways you can make mistakes when updating SketchUp on Mac. I would do things in this order:

  1. Make sure that SketchUp, LayOut, and Style Builder are not open.
  2. Download the DMG and mount it.
  3. Drag the SketchUp 2019 folder in the disk image onto the Applications folder alias in the disk image. If asked, choose to Replace the old folder.
  4. Chose File/Eject “SketchUp 2019 (English)” in Finder
  5. Go into your Applications folder, and into the SketchUp 2019 folder, and open SketchUp.
  6. If at this point you see two SketchUp icons in your Dock, check into what the other one is. The one that is bouncing as you open SketchUp is the one to keep, the other one may be pointing to an old version of SketchUp.

The two things that go wrong for most people is that copying the new version into Applications while SketchUp is open can leave you with a mixture of versions, and sometimes people open SketchUp from the folder that is in the disk image. That can lead to a few difficulties. Ejecting the disk image before opening SketchUp will help to make sure you don’t accidentally do that.

Thanks Dan, I initially clicked onto the link which indicated an update was available. Thereafter I logged into theTrimble site.

Thank you Colin,

I will follow your guidance.

I had followed my previous practice

  • download the dmg file,

  • open it

  • wait for it all to happen and see a new directory open with SketchUp’s subdirectories.

Consequently I still have all previous versions back to V8 on my computer.

However it seems as though Catalina is complicating this installation.

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Scott R Smith
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Thanks Colin - it seems to have installed properly now

Clicking about now on the open skp shows v19.3.252

Kind Regards

Scott Smith