Please can someone explain how to update SketchUp Pro?


I was just prompted to download an update for sketch up but the window button took me to a full programme downloads page. I downloaded the latest version and installed it and although it now works, it didn’t for quite a time. I had to keep force quitting the programme on my laptop and rebooting.

Was that the correct way to update or is there an automatic updates setting I can turn on?

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When you update an app on a MAC make sure that the current version of the app is closed before you do the installation.
Otherwise you might get a half-baked installation of the newer version - resulting in unpredictable issues…
Perhaps the rebooting ensured that on the final attempt their was no open app to trip things up.


Thanks TIG.

Was I doing it the correct way, downloading the entire new programme and overwriting the old one?

Yes, if it’s the same main version number of the app it will overwrite the older one.
But if the app is open when doing this it can cause unpredictable weirdness - one I know of is that it does the update, BUT afterwards it reports it’s still the older version !
I assume you are installing it the correct way… there’s lots of MAC guidance on the www on running an installer…

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In addition to what TIG says, there is never just an updater, you always are installing the full thing as a replacement, though in Windows you can use the installer to repair an existing installation. For Mac, you just drag the SketchUp 2019 folder in the mounted DMG disk image, on to the Applications alias, and let it replace the old one. If you chose to drag the folder straight to your Applications folder, that would work just the same, the alias in the disk image is just a convenient way to do it.

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Great, thank you Colin and TIG, that’s good I was doing it the right way… sorry, I should probably have known that!

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