Latest Sketchup Pro Update Question

I just launched SketchUp and got a notice that there’s a new version available. I’m currently running version 16.1.1451.

I’m less concerned about whether or not this is a stupid question than I am with unnecessarily overwriting my current version of SketchUp.

The download page does not list version numbers next to the download links. So… what is the indicator that the .dmg file I just downloaded is in fact later/newer than the version I’m currently running? And, will running this install replace my existing version, or will it place another copy of SketchUp onto my hard drive, next to the current version already there? (I have both Mac and PC).

While I appreciate the efforts of the creators, it would be great if they would describe just what I’m actually getting, and how it installs, including if I should or shouldn’t remove my current version first.

Thanks for any feedback-

build revisions can be found in the release notes. Just install (Win) resp. copy (macOS) over an existing program installation, all user data as well as the license well be kept.

Under Windows running the setup and first launch of SU preferably with admin rights by e.g. righ-clicking the installer resp. SU and selecting “Run as Admin”.

More info concerning installation and product activation etc. can be found in the SU help center.