2021 - Mac .exe? Really?

Update: Trying again, I realize it was me selecting the wrong update. :grimacing:

So, via the “Check for Update” item under the SketchUp menu in SU Pro for Mac 2020, I check and of course (?) there is an update (“A new version of SketchUp is available.”). Doesn’t say what it is, just that there is. Of course I know 2021 is available so I hit download now. I did mention Mac. So I wait then go to open and…SketchUpPro-2021-0.exe

For those of you on the PC side, you may not know we don’t do “.exe”; we do “.dmg”


Go to sketchup.com/download/all and get the dmg file.

That’s a strange glitch! There may have been an oops at the download server. Both manual and automatic update via the SketchUp 2020 app brought me the proper .dmg for Mac (I had to reinstall, so tried both ways). Dave pointed you to the manual download site where you can get the correct file.

Thank you both. I’m pointing out what happened to me and I assume it was a glitch when someone at Trimble made an update. I would have written to them directly but it is so painful filling out that form on their website each time.

Mentioning it here will also likely get their attention more quickly??

Someone is (almost) always watching …
…but that doesn’t mean they react either. :slight_smile:

Not reacting is their choice…

I was puzzling over how I could let you know I wasn’t reacting, without posting an answer, which would be reacting, making my post unnecessary…

Which version of SketchUp were you in at the time that you saw the new version message?