SketchUp Update's "Download Now" button should download what we need

I open up SU today and get a pop up telling me a new version is available.

I click the “Download Now” button thinking I will download it. To my surprise instead of downloading anything I’m simply taken to a webpage. A page with many download links to pick from.

Thinking I have SU Pro 30 day trial, but not knowing what version I go back to SU and click “SketchUp>About SketchUp” and see this.

Seems I’m running SU Make, not the 30 day trail of Pro. Does that sound right?

So back to the download page I go…

Seem I only have one obvious choose to download. The SU Make 2016 for Max OS X.
But I notice at the top of the page it says…

Attention upgraders: If you are downloading the 2016 Maintenance Release, please read this article before you begin your upgrade process.

How do I know what I’m downloading or should be downloading?

Is it a Maintenance Release?

Do I download the SU Make or Pro?
Thought I was about two weeks into the 30 day pro demo I download.

Why are there no version numbers on the download page?



This feature has now been implemented as of SketchUp 2021.0 (See below)

Yes, it is version 16.1

Only major versions are listed. The links always give you the latest MR.

To see the latest version number and details, refer to the
SketchUp Application Release Notes

You have Make, that was running in the 30-day Pro trial mode. (But it is still Make.)
(If it still has DWG export, it is still running in trial mode.)

there was SU 16 M release announced short time ago. Have you checked the release notes pages? First step in any down load you should read release notes and try to make decision if you want / need to upgrade.
This is what it says SketchUp Pro 2016 and SketchUp Make 2016- Maintenance Release 1 Released: February 29, 2016 Versions: 16.1.1450 (Win 32-bit) 16.1.1449 (Win 64-bit) 16.1.1451 (Mac 64-bit) General Note Windows: This maintenance release fixes a Windows-only bug introduced in the first release of SketchUp 2016, also dot dot dot…

Seem like it would be easier if once I clicked the “Download Now” button on the first pop up window it would simply download the new version now. :slightly_smiling:

I guess not. After reading your reply I google Sketchup release notes and found this page.

Not sure at what point I was to be lead to that page from the first pop up window I received telling me there was a new version available with the download now button, but I know about the page now.

I did read this page.

It said…

Installing Maintenance Releases or Installing minor version updates

Was not sure at the time if what I was going to download & install from the download page until now.

As Dan answered Yes to me asking if it was a Maintenance Release. So now I know.

So if you already have SU installed then everything from that point on is either going to be a Maintenance Releases or minor version updates?

I’m sure I’m making this more complicated then it’s really going to end up being. Guess I will just go ahead and give it a try. Seems like most software I work with simply downloads the update right away after I click a button that is labeled “Download Now”.


I’m not sure if you are still asking a question, but Download the one that says Make for Mac in the language of your choice and install that.

Got it, thanks.

Guess my question is …

Why don’t SU just go ahead and download the one I need right after I click the “Download Now” button on the first popup window that tells me there is a new version?

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Seems a fair question. Most people would expect that “Download Now” means download now, not “take me to a page where I can choose something to download”.

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Sounds like a perfectly worded feature request. (Moving the topic and re-titling.)

This feature has now been implemented as of SketchUp 2021.0 :

Release Notes: What’s New in SketchUp and LayOut 2021.0?

Direct download updates

As we are releasing more frequent updates to SketchUp, we want to make it easier for people to access the improvements we make between ‘major’ versions. In this release, we are introducing a direct download update. This means that the next time there is a new version available, you can use this update service to automatically download the proper language version. When an update is available, you’ll receive a notification in SketchUp. You can initialize the direct download update at that moment, or defer to a later date. After downloading an update, you will be prompted to save and close existing files so that SketchUp can shut down. From there, you can install the update to the desired location on your computer.