SketchUp 2016 - Maintenance Release 1

Version 16.1.14## is online:

Release Notes


Interesting. When I click on Check for Update it tells me I have the latest version. Why does it not tell me there is an update available?

they usually have a slight delay to mitigate the rush…

forum members find out sooner, to show off to co-workers and possibly get a faster download etc…


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We usually allow up to 2 weeks for the notifications to go out but if you click Check for Updates it should grab the latest version. If you want to get the latest just visit the download page directly at

This is so true.

But as I don’t have rights to install the new versions on my workstation, I just have to settle with the laptop on my side

My real point though was that SketchUp did not recognize that there was an update. Seems like as soon as it is released/available when you click to check, it should let you know the update is available.

I did update…

the web guys maintaining the version information requested by the updater are typically a little bit slower than the release team and load balancing issues could be effective too.

When I load the new maintenance release and get the following message

[An item named “SketchUp 2016” already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it with the one you’re moving?

4,049 newer items to be copied (such as “SketchUp 2016”).
Newer “CodeResources” about to be replaced.]

do I choose “Replace All”? I’m concerned I’ll have to reconfigure my toolbar and shortcuts, but I don’t know whether “Keep Newer” will pick up everything that needs to be replaced. BTW, I’m on a Mac, and I have SU Pro.



User files will remain intact…


That relieves my mind. Thank you!